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My son is 14.7 years of age. In school is always shy,soft spoken and well mannered boy.Since middle of 2014 he started to loose weight, he lost appetite.Around Nov 2014, my wife took him to doctor, in urine test, Protein excretion was +, doctor thought he lost weight because of normal growth at his age, he gave him Vitamin for loss of appetite. He continued to loose weight, no appetite also. He became weaker  and get fatigued in class room or in home. My wife got worried &  took him to doctor Urine test was done, now Protein excretion is 3+. 24 hours  urinary protein is 1.57gm/24hrs, PCR Ratio is 1.41 gm/gm, ACR IS 1526.8 mg/gm, U Creatinine (R) 3086.60 umol/L. No leg swelling, no fever. I live separately from my family since last 6  years.He suffered mental stress because of family issues.

(1). What could be the reason of Iga Nephropathy? (2).What should I do. (2). Any dedicated Blog site for IgA Nephropathy.
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