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Childhood twitching

When I was a child, if I got very excited or stressed by something, my nervous system would go into overdrive, my heart would start pounding rapidly and I would then 'discharge' all the energy by twitching my arms and legs and by shaking. As my parents would get embarrassed by it they naturally would tell me to stop doing it but of course it didn't make the problem go away for good. They even asked the doctor about it and he said that I would 'grow out of it'. Sometimes my dad would refer to it as St Vitus’ Dance. Later on in my earlier years I would still have episodes where whenever I encountered a very exciting or stressful situation, the nervous energy would start welling-up and I would try my best to hide it to avoid the embarrassment and shame that went with it. I probably controlled it by just 'holding' it in and shaking a bit. However I'm convinced that it's not completely gone away and is encoded somewhere deeply in my subconscious and nervous system.

I do yoga before I go to bed sometimes, listen to self-hypnosis tracks and drink lots of water, all of which help to put my body into a relaxed state. In addition to that I take a magnesium supplement, fish oil and multi vitamins every day. I would also say that I am a hyper sensitive person who finds it difficult dealing with insults and criticism. If I get embarrassed or feel hurt by something I tend to get flooded with the associated emotion and my whole body can feel the force of it. I also probably have a bit of asperger's syndrome, as I tend to live in the creative/daydreaming side of my consciousness and get confused and baffled in social situations. I hate the idea or thought that I'm being judged in a social situation which can sometimes leave me feeling lot for words. I would say that I am overly self-conscious and would love to be spontaneous and be able to brush of little slights and criticisms like some people do.

I don't get depressed and drink only moderately so it's not ruining my life but just being an obstacle from time to time.

Any advice from other posters would be most gratefully received. Thanks.
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Thanks Dr Noopur. I think that exercise is an important component in 'discharging' the nervous energy. I wonder how the habit of twitching became ingrained?
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How are you?
It seems you are suffering from mild depression and also a bit of personality issues like self-consciousness.
I would suggest you to make sure you are physically active throughout the day pick up a sport or join a gym.
Mild antidepressants and behavioral counseling will also help you. Please remember nobody is perfect in this world and you are just like anybody else.
God bless.
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