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Cold/Wet Feeling on an area on my leg

I have no idea where to post this question of mine.  

Often times I have found myself trying to dry off my left leg below the knee because I thought I felt my leg get wet.  It is so annoying!!! There is nothing I could see on my leg and every brush I do, my hand ends up being dry, not wet.  What could be the possible cause of this???

I thought about posting in the Neurology forum as well as skin-ology.  I thought it might be possible it had something to do with nerves in my leg that's causing this wet feeling.


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Hello dear,
                Have you seen a neurologist or got any tests done? Do you have difficlulty in walking?The correct diagnosis can only be made after complete neurological examination,so you should see a neurologist .Also sometimes if all the findings are correct some psychological resons may cause this sensation. Get yourself properly evaluated.
Im only 14 and I have this exact feeling in my leg/knee. I dont know what to do about it.
I am 76 and just started having this feeling in my rt. leg. It starts bizzing and feels like water running down leg. No pain. Any ideas?
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I have exactly the same sensation...started a few days ago...Mine is right leg just below the knee....

Did you get it checked out?  Did it go away by itself?

Thanks in advance...

No, no check out yet and it has not gone away.
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I have had exactly the same symptoms for the past several weeks.  I saw my MD.  He used a sort of instrument that caused me to feel vibrations.  I could feel vibrations everywhere but the knee that has been bothering me.  My doctor then told me to make an appointment to see a neurologist.  He thought it might be caused by a small nerve but that it probably wasn't anything serious.  Have you found out anything about why your knee feels wet?
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Me too!!  This just started with me a few days ago.  When I get up and start walking, it feels like there is a wet spot on the skin on the back of my knee.  It is just a little area.  It feels like a drop of water is there.  Very wierd.  Glad I'm not the only one in the world who has experienced this. Anything new on this??
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I have had these sensations for over 6 yrs. now.  Had every test imagined at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.  They said that it was small fiber sensory neuropathy.- immune mediated.  I had the flu prior to this..  The only difference between you and me is that I have it basically all over, my arm, legs, face,scalp and sometimes my back. usually legs and face.  It will drive you insane.  I have tried many different kinds of medication without much sucess. but maybe some medication that the doctors give would help with the small area that you have.             Take care        Laaz
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this feeling is annoying me, drimes me crazy, started 4 months ago, next week I going to have an MRI because the doc say may be neuro, since I had experience weird sensations or vertigo at the same time this started. Is in my legs and switches from below the knee to the calf. fells so wet that I tried to dry it.... I'll update next week with the doc answers if there's any.
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MY MRI ISNT NORMAL!! they found a 9 mm anomaly in the left side what does tt means? I DONT KNOW!!! They set up another mri with some fliuds injected in my brain to check for the cause!!! I"M fricking out!. people with wet fellings go get you MRI DONE!!!
I'll update!
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I cannot believe there are other people experiencing the same thing as me!!! This is crazy. The wet feeling has been happening for about a few weeks on the back of my left calf. I've been seeing neurologists for a year to determine if I have MS because of other symptoms, plus I have spinal stenosis. Honestly, at least this is just annoying rather than the actual pain I have been living through over the past three years. It has got to be a neurological thing, but it is really freaky!!!

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Mi second MRI with contrast show  prominent j T2 jugular bulb in the left side if the brain, this means the flow of the non-oxigened blood is "turbulent" or extremily fast. Which means that I may have less headaches than normal and possible be able to felt tha blood flowig in my bain and legs producing that cold sensation... WHATEVER...bla,bla. The dr. said that may even make me less propense for stroke. So brain veins are not even and simetric and some people (about 8%) can live normaly with this enlage veins in the brain.
So I'm great I just need to learn to leave with tis ANNOYNG STUFF until I forget is there... see ya!!
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sometimes i feel like i have a drip of cold water on this particular spot on my ribs.  it's always in the exact same place and when i look there's nothing there.  
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Has anyone had the feeling of water on there chest. My brother has that feeling, and I wondering if it could be the same as all those who had feelings of water on there legs
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i have the wet left side pec area all the time/ some time more intense than the other. Doc had me in er for the blood work ekg and chest xray all good/ the next test is the tread mill- or stress test..more to come
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I was just google-ing this because for the last three days I've thought I had something wet on my left leg just above the knee on the inside area.  I thought maybe I pulled something running, and know after seeing all these posts I'm wondering if maybe it has something to do with the ligaments.  I've had tendonitis for the last 8 years...does anyone else have that same problem?  I wonder if they're related.  I feel weird going to the doctor because what do you say?  "I have one tiny spot on my leg that always feels wet"?  And geez, the doctor's bill I'd get just to be told "I'm not sure".  I suppose if it spreads or starts to be painful, I'll get it checked, but for now it's just annoying.
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Oh, boy. I'm not sure it is something to just ignore. I'm having the same thing this morning. My elbow feels wet but isn't. I am going through a lot of stuff and have been for a while. The docs are just now trying to rule out Lupus or other things that could cause the peripheral neuropathy I've been having for a while. The wetness is weird, though. It is new. Up to now, it has all been pains or numbness here and there. I've had a normal MRI, but a while back, they found arthritis in just about every joint I have and spinal stenosis. I have an elevated CRP level right now.

I think you should keep a log of how you're feeling and go to the doc if it keeps up.
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hi - did you find out what was causing the wet feeling?
It happened to be for the first time last night - i have pre existing nerve damage due to a couple of spinal surgeries for lumbar spondylosis, so get a lot of numbness and tingling but the wet feeling is a new one on me!

hope it has all been sorted for you now?
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I have had this sensation as well.  I have felt cold water sensation and warm water sensation on different parts of my body at different times.  I believe the medical term is Dysesthesia.  Do a search and you will come up with lots of information.  

Hope this helps. :)
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I'm a 25 yr old female. I just started feeling the same cold wet sensation on the back of my right leg a little above the back of my knee. I had been driving me crazy for the past few days. I only notice it when I'm walking around or when I was exercising this week. Its seems to be triggered by movement. So, maybe I could be nerve damage like someone said. I have been diagnosed with scoliosis and lordosis. I have always had problems with pain in both legs, mostly the left that radiates from my knee down, knee up,or from my hip all the way down..its so bad I have to take vicodin or at least 4 asprin to get rid of the pain. So, I wonder if its all associated. I heard of people that have back problems having issues with their legs or arms like numbness, tingling and pain.
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i have this strange feeling of coldness from my knee down the front of my leg to my ankle i have no idea what it is, i dont really know how to describe it like a numbness feeling and cold, as i have just finished school and now spend most of my time in bed could this cause it? it just started when i woke up, its really weird because its not painful at all just a weird sensation down the front of my leg

any idea what it could be? or the cause of this ?
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I am at altitude (8,000 ft) and I have had the feeling of ice cubes being
applied to the back of my legs just above my knees.  I thought it was
because of the lack of oxygen, and I have dismissed it as only being annoying.  But it is really starting to bother me.   It does only happen when I am walking. Any ideas?
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These could be signs of Peripheral neuropathy . Please consult a neurologist and get an MRI of the knee done . It may be due to Diabetes , Nerve entrapment , Vitamin deficiency , Autoimmune diseases or exposure to toxins . Hope this helps you . Take care  and regards !
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Wow, I was surprised to find this discussion with others experiencing similar symptoms.  Mine started just today.  After I got out out bed, it felt like a small amount of cold water was running down the back of my right calf.  Nothing there of course.  I have some residual nerve damage following a back surgery a few years ago, and also have some knee issues.  Is this symptom more likely related to my back or knee?  Unfortunately I am out of work with no insurance and can't afford to see a Dr at this time.  Thanks!
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What a relief other people are having the same systems as my huband. He has numbness and a wet feeling below his groin down to his knee.This started about three weeks ago. We can't get any answers from anyone. Prior his MRI showed seven lessions on his brain. He is to  see a Neurologist as soon as all data is collected. Prior to his numbness he was bitten by yellow jackets which is in the same exact spot as his numbness. We can't seem to get a DR. to examine his leg. We are extremely frustrated! In January he developed the flu and since his health has gone down. First he developed Shingles and to date is still suffering, and now this numbness. He did have headaches for 25 years and changed his diet to Glutten Free and hasn't had a headache since. Any input would be appreciated.
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Hi i have the same syptoms the coldness and can feel itchy as well and some thigh pain, i have had a nerve block to see if that would cure this but no no avail its made the coldness more and more or less there all the time.

I am waiting on a MRI SCAN and also may have to have a brain scan also, its really awful this feeling making my life rubbish im now on antidepressants and nerve tablets called gabapetian (spelling) but they dont work and i awlways feel tied, i have 2 lovely kids that i want to do more with but cant as this is causing me so much greif!! im just fed up!
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Thanx i thought i was going nuts, i too have had strange stinging and cold sensations on my right knee.
i first thought it was swelling but it's gone on too long. i had an xray done  because i then started having pains in the back of my knee like being stabbed with a toothpick. this continued about 10 days. then for no reason i stood up one night and the feeling was gone. since i have had pains now and then stinging and coldness but it's just annoying coming and going. i didn't know if i should go back to the doc because the pain might have left by the time i get there ? oh and plus i have had pain in the same knee if i do certain excercises, or if i sit with my feet hanging off a chair it feels like tugging pain under my knee cap.
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