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I Have a Pulsating Brain

I am 20 years old  and
I am having a breast tumor that is fixed and oval shaped that I discovered 1.5 years ago but still untreated I did not go to any doctor and from the previous 2 months my brain is fully disturbed sometimes there is dizziness of no cause and slurred speech weak memory and now my brain is pulsating full day and and I feel the pulsation fatigue  and also I feel something that is flowing in my brain once I found a blood  tumor in forehead that disappeared on morning  in addition to this my heart beat is unusual and abnormally very fast especially at night and there are some brown dots on my center of the chest  near heart and the feelings that may my eyes be off for good  etc.Please help me what is this?
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Hi there - so, you say you have had a tumor on your breast for 1.5 years.  That is concerning, and I think the best thing for you to do would be to see a doctor for examination and possibly biopsy of the lump in your breast.  If it is breast cancer, and it is not treated, it has the potential to metastasize (spread) to your brain and cause serious problems.  

However, you might find that the lump is benign, in which case the symptoms you are experiencing are a totally separate issue.  You might have vertigo, or have experienced a micro-stroke, or have blood sugar regulation problems.  

The possibilities I mentioned are just a few, and it may be none of those.  The first step is to see a doctor for proper examination of your breast lump, and you should do that as soon as possible.  
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But what will happen if I will not go to doctor? Because I cannot go to doctor at all . i cannot seek medical help from doctor?.  Yes I have slurred speech , blurry vision, extra fatigue, they feeling of something is flowing in my brain, and also the  crazy pain strokes , and yes the things you mentioned I have vertigo and others .Please help me I cannot seek doctor due to some financial issues.
How far can I live this health issue?
I'm sorry, but without a diagnosis from a doctor there is no way to know what the problem or disease is, and therefore, no way to predict whether it will affect your lifespan or not.  I wish you the best.
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