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I Smell Burning Hair???

For the past six months, on and off I will smell burning hair for about a minute.  It's happened about 5 or 6 times in total.  When this happens, no one else around me smells it.  I'm hesitant to think it's an oncoming stroke or anything of that sort because I'm only 30 years old and in excellent health otherwise.  Any ideas?  I've made an appointment with a neurologist but thought I'd post and hopefully get some alternate feedback.  It's making me a bit anxious.
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I noticed it, got a doctor to tell me about it with blood tests.

What i noticed:
Hair burning smell (6 months)
Side symptoms:
runny nose, (1 month)
occasional shooting pains in head/brain (particularly when i read how this could be related to a seizure on some forum)-1-2 times a month

what doctor said:
lets do a blood test!
what he found out:
High CO emissions.  

Result: as it turns out, i have been in area's (house/car/smoking) that has high emissions of carbon monoxide.

Ask yourself the questions: have you recently had your ventilation system done/fixed in your house?  Do you smoke ? what about weed?  know where i can get some? just joking...

So all the things that can increase CO can cause this.  Get a CO smoke detector.   I am going to be retested in 2 days.

I am 30 yr old male, have smoked for 10 yrs  constantly.
6'1 - 210 lbs

(just giving you numbers to compare with)

This does not rule out other complicated things that are happening, i plan on seeing other doctors about it and see what they have to say.  you should do the same! (and post your findings..)
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it is start like losing smells sensation generally , like perfume  or sweat of my body i stop feeling , and 2 month later  this horrible burning sensation also start slowly and develop strong what  worries  me   now. GP doctor has just ignore my complines .
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These olfactory sensations are really hard to evaluate and I believe that the neurologist consult is warranted.  Off hand, this could just be due to some abberations in the olfactory bulbs (the nerves inside your nose) which could really be of no medical significance.  There can also be complex conditions behind this such as vascular problems with the brain, though I believe you are indeed too young to have such.  

I sure hope that your neurologist consult will be fruitful, though I won't be surprised if no obvious cause will be determined.  Wishing you all the best.  Regards and God bless.
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Fire marshals came today, did not smell anything or pick up any scent.
I had aired out the windows the night of.  Slept in -13 degrees celcius

but i have noticed something today.
I smelled it come on again in the morning after smoking.

So now i am leaning towards that this smell comes each time i smoke.

I had read online that this has to do with diabetes as well.  I have just eaten food recently and it could be due getting blood sugar levels raised.

either way, this smell sux.  Its slowly starting to bcome a taste blood sensation.

My mom pointed out that she had this feeling 10 yrs back.  So something genetic and interesting could be at play.

I do not know what type of testing i can get for this.

Perhaps brain: mri
thats all i can think of...
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im 24 a drug addict i just smelt burning hair real strong and im freakin out thinkin ima have a stroke
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This sensation is still there (been 5 months now).

I have stopped smoking for 20 days, and it comes and goes.

Now i suspsect that my nose is still healing, or if its more serious that its something in my brain (neurological issue).

I trully think though its a simple matter of olfactory nerve damage.  This is the item in nose that is reponsible for sensing smell.  It smells burnt **** that means its getting the wrong message or due to so much smoke going there in the past, there is left over residue of burnt ****.  none the less i will see what happens after 1 yr.

As for you: go through similar steps, if you smoke STOP!  how? go get yourself bronchitos or some temp lung diseas that makes it impossible to smoke.  that will help u quit if anything will i think..
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I also smell burning hair. I am a 43 year old female in good health, I smell it in the middle of the night or in early morning. about 3 months apart.  You are not alone.  I think I am going to mention it to my PCP.

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I use a c-pap machine for sleep apnea, last night I woke up to a strong, very heavy taste of burning hair in my mouth, almost like my mouth was coated with the smell ??????
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I would consult a neurologist to be certain.  I've been reading about brain tumors and noticed a symptom is smelling things that are not there.  I am not a Dr or a medical professional at all, but to be safe, if I were you, I would certainly consult a Dr about this.
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STOP THAT!! You can do better...LOVE YOURSELF!!
You are worth it!! Sending you love and positive energy LedZep77 :)
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Hi! Since the post was from 2008, I was wondering how you've been since then? I too have been experiencing the same so it would be great if you could let us know if anything has happened to you medically.
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I have the burnt hair taste in my mouth.  I think it is related to a tooth abscess.  But now that I read this I'm going to have to think about the CPAP connection
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