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Looking For Some Advice


This is my first time posting and I am looking for some advice and perhaps some opinions and advice. Anything will be greatly appreciated! I am a 40 y/o male from USA.

I was doing really well up until about March of this year. I dont really have any major health issues except a tendency for anxiety and worry. I have been eating real clean for years and my lifestyle is very healthy. I would say, though, I am somewhat of a Highly Sensitive Person so I need to be careful about overdoing things.

In March, I had lots of stress. I had lots going on and was working a lot. At the end of March, I flew overseas to to Asia to do some traveling and learning. I went to Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand. The night before I left, I had a full on panic attack. This was not about the traveling, but I was just overwhelmed in general. I did not sleep much on the way to Asia and when I arrived, the time was so different that I had trouble sleeping. However, I went to get acupuncture and herbs and started sleeping pretty good and felt better. A few days later, I noticed my left eye had a dark spot in my vision and I wasnt seeing as well. But, it did not bother me too much and I thought maybe it was because the pollution.

I traveled for about 4 weeks and I actually felt pretty good apart from my eye. I came back to the USA and went about my life as normal. Life was still a little stressful because I have been in school as well, but overall felt ok. So about May, I began having lots of fatigue and I couldnt focus at all. So, I went low carb and that did help with mental clarity. However, a couple weeks into that, I suddenly started feeling very weak and anxious. Since then, I havent been the same. Please note, around that same time I was seeing a new partner who had lots of her own health issues, including chronic migraines and nervous system related issues like tremors.

So, since May, I have been dealing with weakness, minor tremors, head ringing, eye pressure, head pressure, inability to focus and concentrate, lack of motivation, and lately I have even noticed minor paresthesia. So, it seems like just a lot of neurological issues here.

The eye issues was labeled as Central Serous Retinopathy and has resolved for the most part. They say it is related to stress and hormones. I have done basic lab work like CBC, metabolic panel, thyroid. Those are normal. I also was told by the eye doctor I suddenly need glasses now and my eye pressure is slightly elevated. This never was an issue before.

Does anything come to mind with my situation? Any tests I should take? I will likely do an MRI soon. Some people I talked to have mentioned possible infections like lyme, mold, or other pathogens. Also, there many even be a little bit of some head trauma because I recall during one panic episode I banged my head out of frustration and anger. I was so overwhelmed. I am currently doing high dose DHA for brain and doing general detox stuff to keep my body clean. My sleep is up and down. I just dont feel like myself anymore.

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Consult a Neurologist: Since you're experiencing a range of neurological symptoms, it's crucial to consult with a neurologist. They can evaluate you, order appropriate tests, and provide a more accurate diagnosis.
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One thing I'm wondering about is a history of anxiety and then an eye condition that they related back to 'stress and hormones'. Both of these are significant factors for mental health issues. We don't have to have a cause to have mental health issues and you can have physical symptoms like you describe. Otherwise, I think yes. Rule out anything else first and then if you do not find an answer that they can point to, try to go the way of treating it like a mental health issue. These are real too. And treatable. I'm sorry you have been feeling so poorly.
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Thank you so much.

Yes, anxiety can plan huge roll in everything I am talking about. However, I havent really found anyone with anxiety having neurological issues, though.

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