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Neuropathy following acupuncture treatment?

Hello-  After many, many acupuncture treatments, last week I had a treatment for knee arthritis in which I felt excruciating pain with a needle insertion below my knee and my foot kicked up simultaneously.  Four days later, I have increasing burning and electricity pains radiating down the front of my shin along the tops of my feet.  It also feels as though someone were slicing into my ankle or a very, very bad ankle sprain.  My GP hopes the neuralgia isn't permanent, but it sounds like the pain experienced by some after cutting the paroneal nerve following knee surgery.  Can the needles and twirling cause long term damage?  The acupuncturist would like to treat the nerve in order to 'open the channel'.  Can she do more harm than good?  Thank you-
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Thanks for the responses.  Thyquestions- that's the nerve that I'm trying to describe!  It runs along your knee to the surface of your feet.  My acupuncturist also said it was nothing, just 'blocked qi' and that he could fix it.  I'm afraid to let him go back in armed with needles, even though the pain IS horrific.  (I'd rather go through surgery again than feel this pain.)  Just to let you know- I spoke to other acupuncturists, and they said that that is highly unusual, the the nerve is inflammed and to take NSAIDS, rest, and wait and see.  Acupuncture could cause a bit of discomfort, but the it should subside when the needles are removed.  

Thanks again everyone-

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I've had years of acupuncture as well.  Several months ago I experienced a similar response to a needle insertion in my ankle and the pain from my knee to toes was horrific and lasted several days.  I ended up calling the acupuncturist and he said that no way could he have done actual nerve damage with the size needles he uses and it had just stirred up some stuff in there.  Sure enough, a few days later the pain began to subside.  Not saying that is the same for you, but regardless, I would call your acupuncturist and sort it out.  
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I have been using acupuncture for pain for a couple of years. Only a couple of times has there been a needle that hurt - and I told the doctor (mine is a MD) and he removed it.  The pain went away shortly.

In my non-medical opinion, I would avoid needles in the direct area as in acupuncture you can use needles elsewhere to help with pain (such as the specific areas on the hands and feet for back pain).

There is also a website where you can look up medical doctors that practice acupuncture so they usually are good with both eastern and western medicine.
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