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Seizures or Mini Strokes?

This is a typical episode ...  I was at work sitting at my desk and a co-worker was with me asking if I was okay.  I answered yes, why?  She said I was standing in the hallway picking at some papers in my hand and just staring.  When she asked if I was okay, I just stared like I was in a trance.  She guided me back to me desk and sit with me until I was okay.  I don't remember any of it.  This happened on about six ocassions.  I'll become aware of someone talking to me and it's like I just woke up and don't know what's going on.  It takes me a few minutes to get my bearings.  I don't know how long these espsodes last beacuse I don't know when they start ... only when they end.  The doctor did an MRI and saw nothing.  He did say there was one small spot that could be a thicking of a (vessel/vein) but he didn't think it was anything to cause the  episodes.  I also had an EEG that looked okay.  He tried dilantin which gave me severe headaches, Tegretol which caused me to itch terribly, Depokote which make my hair fall out and finally Keppra which just zapped all my energy.  I took Keppra for almost three years and slowly weaned off it.  I've been off it almot three years and now I've recently had several episodes.  I don't want to go back on the medication unless I have to.  I would love to know what this is and what causes it.  I've heard this could be TIA's, Absence Seizuzres or Mini Stroke.  Has anyone have a similar experience?  Thank You!

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I can definitely relate to you, because I have been having these kind of episodes quite frequently now.  Mine started about a year ago after working a long day at work.  I don't work anymore, but I still have these episodes.  They just happen out of the blue.  I actually have a number of other symptoms along with this, but I do know what you are talking about.  I could be sitting there talking, and then all of a sudden I go into this stare, all I can remember is my husband calling my name several times, asking me if I am all right.  He says that my eyes blink alot when I am having this staring, spacing out episodes.  I was told by two Doctors that they are mini seizures.  I am currently seeing a epilectic specialist.  Mine could be coming from some other underlying problem.  I hope that you get the answers that you seek.  In the meam time keep your head up & stay encouraged.  
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Thank you, it makes me feel better just knowing there's someone who knows what I'm talking about and understands. It scares me to think what would happen if I were driving when one of these episodes comes on.   I hope we both find what's causing it and can get help.  Thanks again for posting your comment.
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Do you have any other symptoms along with them?

My wife experiences these absence seizures as well as tia's. Lately she has been experiencing these sorts of spells frequently. It is horrible to watch someone going through it. It's hard to be on the outside looking in - it's a very helpless feeling.

She was diagnosed with antiphospholipid antibody syndrome or hughes disease around 9 years ago.  

Her symptoms started with joint pain, and it was originally believed that she had rheumatoid arthritis. She started having tia's and mini seizures. In addition to the frequent "zone out" periods,  she is always tired, she has frequent headaches & migraines, experiences numbness in her face, and has lost big chunks of her memory. We slso lost 6 pregnancies (miscarriage and early birth).

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I too have joint pain (which I think is arthritis), also headaches & migraines and have lost 'chunks' of memory ... but have no numbness in my face.  Also no miscarriages.
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They can test for antiphospholipid antibodies with the battery of lupus tests. My wife has been asked if she has lupus several times. Everytime she is tested for it, it comes back negative. Her rhumatologist finally ran the blood tests and 'looked' for antiphospholipid and found it. Once she started on her meds, the joint pain went away.  At one point she was almost unable to move due to the arthritis swelling.

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i saw your posting and here's what has been happening to me...
i'll get severe headache, one side of my face will go numb, that arm will go weak, hand will go numb, sometimes throat will tighten up, there will be alot of pain, but i never lose conscioiusness or zone out...
i always know what is happening...
now, i have had the experiences where i will just black out, once for an hour, then came back and had a hard time a first firguring out what had happened...
i have many of these experiences, the first i listed were mini strokes, the second, my neurologist could not put a name to it, they weren't seizures...
but, to me it sounds like you might be having a type of seizure...
do you have a neurologist, so further determination can be done?
good luck?  
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Thank you katrina ... the neurologist never found out what caused them, but said they were probably 'petit mal seizures', which can later turn into 'grand mal seizures'.
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I have had two of these episodes where I just fall to the ground and don't know how long I was there.   I do know this. The reason joint pain and other symptoms accompany it is because you (we) have silent inflammation that is the underlying cause of most chronic disease (reference Br Barry Sears books).   I started with depression in my late teens and it got worse when I started drinking and working more.  The most effective treatment for this is high dose fish oil and Zone diet as they work to lower inflammation in the cells the very thing causing problems while simu,taneously building neural connections.  Once I did this I started progressively getting better.  Severe joint pain almost gone, depression greatly diminished and more energy.  Hope this helps.  I coach people now with all types of chronic disease.  It is a science..even blood tests to take if you were that serious.  I am not a physician and always consult with your physician when changing your diet esp when on medication as it will change the metabolism of the drug.  My email is ***@**** for more info.
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I'm a 41yr old female, good health, no known allergies and no history of health issues.  On the morning of 11/18/15, I felt "off/not right"; I began vomiting, felt dizzy and disoriented; I could not comprehend simple words and could not tell EMS the month or year.   The ER Doctor admitted me, I had every cardiovascular test in the world MRI, X-rays, blood tests, Doppler on my carotid arteries; all returned normal; diagnosed TIA.  

Since then I have had 4 more incidents where I am suddenly disoriented, I see people talking to me but I have no Ida what they said.  Witnesses say I have a blank stare and I can't get out any words...similar to stuttering and stammering.   Now I'm being told that it could all be Absence seizures (aka petit mal seizures).   Anyone else having similar incidents?  
I'm a 60 year old male and I've had about 4 of them that I know of in the last 4 years. I just go into ozone for no known reason or any certain time. The 4 I know of have all happened at work, because I'm around other people who call the ambulance. I'm back to normal before the ambulance arrives at emergency and I go through the brain cave and all the blood tests and nothing is ever found. I've been on this Carbamazephine for over 2 years and I just had another episode recently of a mini stroke or seizure or TIA. I've lost two jobs now and my drivers license this time. So this drug I've been taking hasn't done anything,
I would just like to add to my last comment... how many times has it happened to me while I'm alone (I'm single) and I don't even know it's happened?
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How often do you dream and do you have nightmares do you remember your dreams after you wake better or worse than most. Do you shut your eyes fully when sleeping? Does either side of your face droop at all and if so at what age did that start?
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