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Strange Neck Noises

I've been having noises that seem to be coming from behind my neck.  It sounds like the way the stomach often growls but higher pitched or like when you try popping candy but not as loud yet still irritating.  The weird thing about it is that it occurs when I don't move my neck. I notice this when I lie at bed and is quite frequent throughout the day and is random.  I've also been having spasms and pain in the neck.  I've had an MRI of the neck with no sign of any problem.  How can the noises be explained?
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hello sir, im also experiencing those, were you able to find an answer?
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If the MRI was recent, there may not be any bony problem behind your symptoms. I suspect some muscular spasms. Do you have a job or work which requires a constant strain on the neck? Is there any pain involved?

Muscle relaxants may help.

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im also hearing strange noises in my neck, im working on a call center, i often feel a squirting sensation in my neck especially when im hungry, i also hve anisocoria, i also feel pressure at the back of my head, what can this be
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I've had the same thing for years. I also have worked in a call center for years. I have had ongoing sinus, allergies for my whole life. I'm 42 yrs old. I've learned to just accept it, but it took awhile. Eventually your brain kinda tunes out the noises. I have tinnitus and my ENT says I also have Menieres' condition in my ears, after much testing. I also take LOTREL for elevated blood pressure. The noises change, they can be squeeky, pulsing, cracking, ticking, tapping, etc... At times my neck flutters, and I do believe from spasms. I always have the "white noise" from hearing damage from years ago. For me they seem louder than usual now probably because i'm just getting over a cold this past week. Have found some relief from NETTI POT rinses. I personally think its related to the whole sinus, ears and throat system, and in getting older.  
Don't let it stop you from doing things you like.

Best wishes.
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