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Twitching, tingling toes -- MS?

About last July, one of the toes on my left foot started twitching pretty regularly throughout the day. When it kept twitching until late last August, I went to a neurologist and he did an EMG/nerve conduction that came out normal. He also had me get a brain, t-spine, and c-spine MRI (each of them w/o contrast), all of which came out normal (I did a closed, 1.5T machine for all three of the MRIs).

We're waiting the results of my blood test, but a few weeks ago, before I had the MRIs, a couple of the toes on my left foot started to tingle/buzz/get a creepy crawly sensation a few times a day. It has typically been after I've been walking for a bit. The twitching has continued, but abated a bit. But now I'm very, very concerned about this tingly/buzzing sensation across my left foot and am afraid it could be MS.

I wish I had gotten my MRIs on a 3T as now I'm afraid there are lesions that just didn't show up on the 1.5T. I have no other symptoms, otherwise, such as numbness, dizziness, or visual symptoms. I'm just really at a loss as to what else it could be.

Thanks so much in advance for any guidance you could give. I'm just so worried.
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Hi Supermum, I don’t know if you’ll see this and sorry to bother you again. Do you think, if I did have MS, could this toe buzzing be my only symptom? In other words, can MS present with just a single symptom like this? I’m not sure the sort of pattern it presents as — I.e., tingling starts in one foot, spreads in the other foot or the arm on the same side. I know MS is a snowflake disease, but are there telltale clues to how the disease presents itself at onset?
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This does help. Thank you so much, Supermum!
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The twitching you've been experiencing seems to spread to different locations in your left leg......."for the past three weeks or so, I've had this twitch in my left toe. Now the twitching has spread to my calf and thigh in that leg, and it's twitching pretty consistently. "......before it goes back to twitching of just the one toe on your left foot again.

What you are now describing.... "a couple of the toes on my left foot started to tingle/buzz/get a creepy crawly sensation a few times a day. It has typically been after I've been walking for a bit. "...isn't whats typically suggestive of a neurological condition like MS because what your experiencing is situation specific, or in other words the issue has a cause and effect ie the cause is walking for a bit and the effect is a couple of toes tingle/buzz/get a creepy crawly sensation afterwards.

Thinking a 3T would of picked the lesions up that didn't show up on a 1.5T is unlikely explanation for why your brain and spinal MRI's are not abnormal, nothings impossible but it's definitely not a very likely explanation.....

Hope that helps.......JJ
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And today I have a strong pins and needles sensation in my left hand...I'm really scared :(. I'd appreciate any response, if possible.
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