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leg pain

I suffer from pain in my legs mainly my right leg which can be so painful that my pain relief (codine 30mg paracetamol and gabapentin) that i take for my back pain does not help. its like a ache but a very very painful ache. when i walk my calfs are painful too.  i have resenting noticed that upon standing onto my feet to walk my feet and legs hurt.

im am a 24 year old female. with 2 children. i also have problems with lower back pain and nerve pains. i also suffer from a tingleing sensation in my head it comes and goes all day everyday the feeling spreads all over my face and head. i think thats all the info i can think of to help you. apart from i also take sertraline for depression.

can any one help?
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thank you. i am starting to feeling weaker than normal. also one of my toes have gone numb.  i have just started to see a physiotherapist but have no relief as yet.
thank you for your help. i will goto my doctor and talk with her about sending me to a neurologist.

thank you
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Hi, Thank you very much for your question. I doubt that some spinal nerves may be compressing in spine by disc prolapse & degeneration. By the reason of that nerves from the spinal cord can be irritated causing weakness in the leg, leg/thigh pain and numbness, tingling. Few persons also face generalized body weakness and numbness due to other nerve irritation on back. If you suffer continuous weakness and notice reduced strength of muscle bulk in both the legs, please arrange an appointment with a neurologist right away who will evaluate the possibilities here. These “red flags” could be indicative of compression of the spinal cord and its nerve branches and early treatment is essential if permanent damage needs to be avoided. Further referral to a physiotherapist for spinal exercises could be beneficial and may produce relief of symptoms. Hope this helps. Take Care & Stay Healthy!!!

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  Do you see a neuroligist or is your depression med from another doctor? There are several reasons for the symptoms that you describe but I have them also and my experience is that the pain meds cause more yucky side effects than they help me. The best medicine so far has been Neurontin or generic gammapentin. It treats neuropathic pain and is used by lots of people for depression and other things too.
  If you haven't tried it, ask your doctor if you could have a small dose to try and see if your symptoms improve. I would advise seeing a neurologist if you haven't for a work up just to know what's going on. You are suffering too much not to have a reason which would put you on the road to the best meds for you.
  Good luck - I hope that you find answers and relief!
  Erin :)
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