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scalp sensation

I'm not sure what other website to post other than Reddit which is an active website, but ever since the beginning of puberty (Started one day when I was 13.5 years old, I am now 20) I've had what I assume to be a neurological problem with what feel likes multiple different sensations on my head. A few of the sensations on my head include liquid moving on around my scalp, prickling sensations, biting sensations, vibrating sensations, etc. I have never seen anything moving around in my head and neither has anyone else so it is possible it is related to my severe anxiety/social anxiety disorder.
It is so hard to focus on anything in life (at times) because this sensation is almost always present. It never goes away and is basically a pain in the ass 24/7. Luckily there is no pain associated with this. I've noticed when I touch part of the temples in my upper forehead at the corners and also various parts of my head I can feel a stronger sensation appear (at times, not always). When my anxiety is worse than usual it seems more potent. I have had an MRI and nothing bad came of it, and I don't have any vitamin deficiencies. I take lexapro and it has not helped the issue and I take Xanax on occasion which may help sometimes(50/50).

I need advice because I want to get rid of this problem...
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.
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Start with the most simple, apart from anxiety.

Could you be allergic to your shampoo or conditioner? Try a different one and see if it helps. I don't know if you've changed shampoos in 7 years - most people have, but we seem to stay in the same scent family, or same brand, or same family of solutions, like more volume, for dry hair, etc. Try something totally different, maybe for a sensitive scalp.

Pay attention to what you're eating when you notice the symptoms. If some foods give people a headache, maybe certain foods are making this worse for you. If you notice this is getting worse, write down everything you've eaten and drank in the last 24 hours. See if there's a pattern.

Change your pillow. Pillows get old and maybe there are dust mites in yours that are causing an allergy. Get allergy covers for them, too.

Do each thing one at a time, because if something helps, you won't know which one it is.

Maybe none of it will help. If it doesn't though, you've at least ruled them out which is half the battle.

Maybe it is anxiety, but until you've ruled everything else out, you can't really know.

Let us know how it goes. :)

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