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All Over Body Paresthesia

I am a 46 year old female experiencing all over body tingling, burning/coldness, itching, pulling and some numbness (limbs falling asleep).  Most prevalent in hands, feet, legs and feet but have had feeling in face, lips and trunk of body.  I also have shaky hands sometimes.   It all started about 3 months ago after a trip to Tahiti.  Symptoms started as what I thought was a yeast infection, burning, tingling itching.  Tested for everything, all came back negative.  I have genital herpes but no active infection.  The itch spread all over my body and experience a flushing of the skin and my palms are frequently red and mottled.  Doctor thought I had chronic hives so put me on atarax for one month.  That seemed to cause some bladder frequency/retention problems.  I am off the atarax as I am awaiting to see an allergist.  I have Hepatitis C, but all liver tests have come back normal.  I also have Hashimoto's thyroiditis, but am told thyroid is normal.  Red Blood Count of 4.01 and B12 is 490.  I am awaiting results on Syphilis test and folate.  I also have a vitamin D deficiency of 25.  Diabetes ruled out also.  Saw a neorologist she said did not sound like MS but ordered an EMG test.  I am waiting to see a rhuemetologist and allergist this week.  I know this is a crazy list of symptoms.

I am scared to death and am becoming dysfunctional in my daily life.  Can this be caused by anxiety or what else could this be?  Before all this started, I was very happy, had a great vacation and my job/life is generally good.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Many, many thanks

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your doctor should be the infection disease specialist. if everything is normal contact me again to study the issue together
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