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Arterio Venous Malformation Treatment options

My dtr had been diagnosed with a avm since 3rd grade she is now 22 yrs old. She has fainted in the past 3 times.The last time was 5 yrs ago. The other day she fainted in a tanning salon and hit her head and got a concussion and preceded to have a seizure. Do you think these fainting spells and now seizure is related to  having anything to do with the avm. She is schd to see a neurosurgeon on Monday. I am  wondering if surgery has to be  done immediatley to remove the avm or can you just watch. What are the options for treatment of a avm (arterio venous malformation). Waiting for your reply. Thank You.
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Certainly you had your neurosurgeon answer on Monday, I would like to mention that AVM surgery will depend on 3 parameters: the location of the AVM, the available technology and the surgeons skills.
About your first question; the AVM could not be the major  or direct cause of the seizure
Dr Nassim
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