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Low grade Astrocytoma


My mother was diagnosed with low grade astroyctoma 3 years ago. She has had symptoms like seizures since then and is on a heavy dose of anti-epilectic medicines.
Her symptoms include full-blown seizures ( once every 5-6 months) and mini seizures - lasting 2-3 minutes - loss of memory  ( almost 5-6 every month)

We have had her MRI done every 6 months to monitor the growth - and there has been no tangible growth so far.

Lately, she has reported phantom smells, and burning sensation in her throat and watery eyes whenever she has a blocked nose because of cold.

Her next MRI is due and we will be consulting the neurologist about this - but I want to get an idea that - Do these new symptoms indicate that there might be growth in the tumor?

The family's decision is to postpone the brain surgery for as long as possible, for all the risks involved. But if her condition is degrading, do we need to consider surgery in the near term ?

I would appreciate if you can please give your opinion on this matter.

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I really dont understand how you (the family) can allow - in the 21 century- to disregard an astrocytoma. You just told me that she was on ''damaging'' medications like antiepileptics plus she had many complications type memory loss and full-blown harming seizure... can you explain me for what you are waiting? you are waiting maybe for a progression in the malignancy of the tumor !?
How it comes that an afraid neurosurgeon could convinced you that you can leave a radiologically diagnosed ASTROCYTOMA ? Really this is UNIVERSALLY  UNETHICAL, and sorry for my rage but it could be too late to suspect a regular epilepsy in the case of smell disturbances and throat burning sensation UNLESS you are describing a regular flu syndrome!
Astrocytomas classification are many, please send me the radiological report (done 3 years ago), but anyways, I am against even leaving a oligodendroctoma grade A undiagnosed without histological biopsy.
Dr Nassim Abi Chahine
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