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Healthy Weight Gain

I am looking for a way to gain healthy weight.  I have crohns and it has depleted my weight the past 9 months. I am 5'2 @ 100lbs. My goa weight is 115 by September. Any ideas on how to increase my weight without drinking Boost or Ensure? I am trying to increase my calories to at least 2200 a day in hope that it will add some lbs to me.
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Thanks for the info. I have not heard of the SCD diet. My gastro doctor ia concerned with my weight loss but hasn't really given me any guidance on how to control it. I understand Boost and Ensure can help some with this but I would rather alter my diet than depend on a supplement drink. And I agree completely Crohn's messes with your quality of life for sure and I have yet to find medication that helps alot.
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Hi crohnschick and welcome to the forum.

Are you on the scd (specific carbohydrate diet ) for crohn's?

If not, then have a good look at it. It has helped a lot of people suffering
from crohn's, U.C., IBS and other conditions.
You can probably gain some weight on that diet.

Your doctor may not be 100% agreeable, but let's face it!
How many happy Chron's sufferers do you know who are satisfied with
with the quality of their lives (and I'm not talking about managing symptoms
and maintaining a diseased state), because of their conventional doctor's treatment and advice?

The ones who I know, are definitely not doing well with the help from conventional medicine, however, I know a couple people (one in my own family with U.C and IBS) living an almost normal and healthy life, on this
I understand this is not proof, but you need to research it on your own to find out for yourself.

Let me know what you think.

Best wishes.
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