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Is it safe to daily take turmeric & omega 3 supplements if i have low b.p. ?

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I have low blood pressure and I'm not taking any measures to fix it currently. I have started  taking omega 3 supplements recently and was thinking about starting turmeric supplements daily. The reason i want those supplements is to improve my academic performances.
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Hi there.  When you say you have low blood pressure, what do you mean? What are your normal readings?  The 'how low is too low' of low blood pressure is a question mark. It's typically benign, or perfectly fine to have hypotension as long as you have enough oxygen.  Tumeric is something I'm a fan of.  It reduces body inflammation. It is known to lower blood pressure slightly but at what mg is the question. What are you taking it for if I may ask?  Omega 3 fish oil supplements are typically recommended for a healthy heart but they can minimally affect blood pressure, lowering it, as well.  I don't think either would harm you but please check with your doctor.  
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