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Skinny and knocking bones

i am 27 male. Masturbating a lot for 14 years. Very skinny. I take milk too but now my bones grind knock with even slighest movement. Is it due to masturbation? 1.How to get rid of knocking.... 2.how gain muscles and weight.
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Sorry, this is impossible to understand -- knocking bones? Have no idea what that means.  Have no idea what taking milk means or why it's important.  Why would you think masturbation has anything at all to do with your weight?  If you want to gain weight, eat more.  If you want to gain muscle, do resistance training, such as lifting weights.  I realize English may not be your first language, but if you can be a lot more clear about what you're talking about, you might get more help here.
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Sorry for this. I meant that my joints like shoulders, wrists and knees grind against each other and also produce loud sounds knocking sound when i move arms or bend legs. I googled it. Apparently bubbles in joints pop and thus produce this sound. my question is that why this happens? Has masturbation made my bones and muscles weak? It worries me a lot
I think you are very very confused.  Part of the reason for this is Googling for answers, which will just drive you crazy, when you don't have a diagnosis by a professional.  Joints and bones aren't the same thing, and we don't know how old you are.  People can have deterioration of the cushioning material between bones due to injury or age which can cause bones that normally don't touch to do so.  If this were happening you would have been suffering pain, not just hearing whatever this noise is you're complaining about.  The only way to know if this is happening to you is to get MRIs taken, but that will only happen if you have symptoms of something, mostly pain and difficulty doing things.  If you've let yourself get too thin because of an eating disorder, this can cause all kinds of complications.  Your bones are something else entirely from your joints, which is where bones that move come together.  That would be from nutrient deficiency or from certain medications or tobacco smoking and the like.  We call that osteoporosis.  Muscles are a third thing, the force that helps you move the parts of your body.  Having strong muscles helps prevent too much stress from falling on the joints.  Again, why you think masturbation has anything to do with this is beyond comprehension, so I assume you're feeling guilt from it.  Let's say you were having sex with someone as often as you masturbate -- do you think that would harm your bones and joints?  I'm guessing not.  So this is a moral issue you're apparently having a problem with, not a physiological problem.  Look, if you really believe you're wasting away, you need to see a medical professional.  
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Just exircise and have a life
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Well, it's definitely not because of masturbation unless you managed to get a repetitive stress injury, but those are usually painful. Milk won't help this because the issue isn't the bones, it's the cartilage in between the bones that's worn down over time. Sometimes it's a natural part of aging, sometimes it's an early sign of arthritis.
I think you're new here, hi.  You're responding to posts that are pretty old, and we always hope people who stopped posting got better.  Also, milk doesn't build bones -- in fact, too much dairy actually deteriorates bones by depleting the body of magnesium, equally important to bone development and much more likely to be lacking in modern society than calcium.
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