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I am really considering to make an effort on being a milk-vegetarian. I read many articles and I know that there are many kinds of vegetarians. But I love milk and cheese so I will try first without cutting them. I will stop eating meat (which honestly I dont like so much) and eggs. I read many things about vegans too and the vegetarians that eat only raw products of nature. They are really admirable and strong if you ask me.
I exercise already to improve my body health and depression symptoms. I dont have a weight problem I just want to fight over my own self and become more self confident and strong willed.
I would love some extra advices if it is possible.
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Sure, don't sweat the vegetarianism, but avoid the dairy -- while I have no problem with you eating any way you like, dairy is far more difficult on most people than many animals we consume.  As I say, everyone gets to eat the way they want, but for health's sake, research dairy, but if this is just for ideology, go for it any way you believe in.
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I live in a country that being the only vegetarian in the family can be really impossible. That is why I take one step at a time. I wish I could cut diary products too. What humans do to animals is really cruel :(
Are you vegetarian?
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If you are insistent on going vegetarian PLEASE make sure you are getting your nutrients from the healthiest of places.  Your carbs should NOT be coming from processed products like breads, pastas, etc.  Beans are a question because unless they are properly fermented they are actually bad for the gut.  I would really do your research first and figure out where you plan to get your protein from.  If you exercise and are a vegetarian you will want to get plenty of protein from a good, natural source, in order to prevent your body from burning lean muscle mass for fuel.  

I would recommend this book before you start anything like this:  Perfect Health Diet.  By Paul and Shou-Ching (sp?) Jaminet.  It talks a lot about what the body needs to survive, what types of foods are toxic to the body, what foods are best for the body, and why.  Very science heavy but an excellent read, especially fabulous section on vitamins and nutrients via supplementation.
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Wonder why you say beans are bad for the gut -- yes, they can be hard for some to digest and they might give you gas, but they are very high in fiber (fiber also gives you gas) and with all I know very good for most people.  Yes, some can't handle beans, and many don't know how to properly prepare them, but you certainly don't need to ferment them to eat them (though that's a good way to eat soy, certainly).  Just wondering where you get that from considering most of the world gets most of their protein from beans and don't seem to have much gut problems from them.
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No, I'm not a vegetarian.  I don't personally eat by ideology.  But I have no problem with someone being vegetarian as long as it suits them -- we're all different in how we digest food -- and I certainly eat vegetarian meals more often than not, but it's hard because my wife doesn't do well on beans.  But even when I eat animal, most of the meal is whole grain and vegetables.  But that's me, and you must decide for you.  I do try to avoid dairy and wheat, not altogether but only limited amounts, not because of how they treat animals -- we don't treat plants any better, and I don't differentiate life forms -- but because adult mammals just don't do milk.  Just the way it is.
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Thank you so so so much for your advices. I started already and I think I am doing pretty good. I dont miss meat at all :)
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