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increase appetite

im not sure if this is the right forum for this but if it isnt, id be more than happy if you could tell me which one is the correct one.

here is my question simply put:
how can i increase my appetite without having to do anything big?
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Also, there are great resources online for proper diet balancing and for working out.  Be safe.
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1) Work out.  Do more cardio (ie running) and muscle building.  With the more you work out, the more your body will need to refuel.  Rice and beans are a great source of energy.  Protein- keep up the meat and chicken and fish.  As you do more lifting, you're gonna need more protein to build muscle.  Ideally, intake a good balance of lean protein and of carbs.

2) Vary your diet.  Having the same foods everyday, day in day out, is not only boring but you're skipping on a lot of nutrients that you could get from other foods.  Avocados are great for fiber and B vitamins, and tomatoes for Vitamin E & C &  some A, but you need different fruits and vegetables to have a balanced, nutrient rich diet.  

3) Eat better.  Don't skip meals & if you don't havae time to cook during the week, cook ahead of time.  Learn to cook and cook well.  Practice makes perfect.  And cook healthily and something that you want to eat.  NEVER SKIP A MEAL.  

4) Space your meals out better & eat smaller portions.  

Follow all these guidelines, as general as they seem, and you'll increase your appetite.  Start by with numbers 3 & 4, but ideally starting with 2 and 1 would be best.
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The following tips will help you increase your appetite.
1) Take Vitamin B-complex supplement with your breakfast
2) Take Cod Liver Oil supplement along with your breakfast
3) Light weight-training exercises for 20 mins thrice a week can increase your appetite.

All the best,

Parth Adhyaru
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well, its a little complex so ill just write some things as they are mentioned.

im cuban, and as you can guess, its mostly rice, beans, some kind of meat or egg, and a vegetable; usually tomatoes or avacato. the thing is, it gets boring, and during school days, its usually reheated in a microwave so its not very appealing. sometimes i skip dinner just to avoid it.
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i would try eating a little more each meal and adding a little more each day to the meals....
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