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From break to surgery

Broken Ankle in 3 places, due for surgery.
Is there danger in waiting 8 days from break to surgery?

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Great answer from weezer555!  I, too, used to work for an orthopod.  Usually he liked to get patients in quicker with fractures but, like weezer555 stated, it's not unheard of to go that far out from the injury.  Your surgeon will have to clean out any callus formation there is.  Do yourself and your surgeon a favor though, keep it elevated as much as possible before your surgery to keep the swelling down!!!

Best of luck!
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Many thanks for your response. It is tough to be uncertain just how severe an injury is, and to trust that professionals will prioritize appropriately.
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From my experience in orthopedic surgery waiting 8 days from date of fracture to surgery should not cause a problem. Keep in mind that bone will form a callus,new bone around a fracture despitew displacement and if you wait too long the surgeon will literally have to re break the bone/bones. If the fracture is open, waiting is not advised due to increased risk of infection
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