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I fell - now I have pain in my right upper either chest or back - what did I do?

I tripped over the sidewalk and fell.  As I hit the steps I caught myself with my right arm extended the left side of my body was caught when my face hit the edge of the steps.  Until 3 days ago it felt like I had a rib head misaligned (I finally got that back in place when I PAINFULLY twisted) during this whole time I have had a terrible pain in what feels like my chest at times but at other times it feels like my upper back closer to my shoulder blade.  
I have extreme pain (20 out of 10) when I try to get up in the morning
It hurts when I breathe
It hurts to sit up straight
I can ease the pain it I hold my head to the left - it eases the pain enough to keep my from crying but I cannot exercise or stretch without screaming in pain
I do have spinal stenosis, extreme arthritis in my entire spine, bulged disks in cervical, thoracic and lumbar areas, degenerative disk, scoliosis, and probably a few other things that I can't think of right now.  
So my question is what the heck did I do to make this pain so terrible?  Did I hurt my lung?  It's not getting any better - what should I do?  Have I hurt myself and I need immediate attention or the injury will mess me up forever?  
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Obtain an X-ray to rule out rib fracture. The pain associated with a broken rib usually occurs or worsens when you take a deep breath, press on the injured area, and/or bend or twist your body. If the rib fracture is not significantly displaced, this is usually treated conservatively with pain meds. If the rib fracture is significantly displaced, this can cause air (pneumothorax) or blood (hemothorax) to surround your lungs which is more serious and might warrant intervention.
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