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New pair of orthopaedic shoes needed, where to find them? WWYD?

Hello! I need to get a new pair of orthopaedic shoes for walking and family hikes. Should I ask my GP to refer me to a orthotist within driving distance or is it better to purchase them directly from a company? There is a good orthotist at a local hospital downtown. What would you prefer to do in this case? I see the pros and cons of both of those options. But I do not know which option to pick however. My current pair of outdoor shoes are purple but clearly in need of repair at least. I have had them for two or three years now. I have another pair of custom made hiking shoes in a closet which are blue in colour, my favourite colour.
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You don't say why you need them.  Orthotists need a prescription, which they can't do this without a diagnosis which would generally come from an orthopedic surgeon or a podiatrist.  If you have a diagnosis already and that's how you got your current shoes, if they are working out well I'd try to contact whoever I got them from and get another pair that conforms to your prescription.  If you just bought them off the shelf from a store that sells shoes to people with foot problems, what you get from an orthotist will be a lot different.  If they are custom made by a shoemaker, go back to that since it's working for you.  Peace.  
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