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Trailer Fell on Ankle - How bad is it?

A week and a half ago I had a bumper pull trailer fall on my ankle after I sat on the tongue and the trailer jack failed.
It happened so quickly that I believe it caught the top of my heel and achilles and or peroneal tendons.
Immediately went to the ER, had x-rays done which showed nothing out of the ordinary.
Foot initially swelled up pretty good.  Not softball sized or anything, just flush with my ankle (cankle).
Foot was bruised on both sides of ankle, and also had bruising on the sides / bottom of my foot - presumably from gravity causing the blood to pool.  Also had bruising on the bottom of the arch of my foot, back towards the heel, and the bottom of my heel.   Other bruising was above the right side of my ankle about 2 inches above it.  The last of the bruising is around the front of my foot behind my toes.  Since the week and a half most of the swelling has went down.  What swelling is left is the heel and around the right side and below my ankle (on right foot), feels numb to the touch and extremely inflamed.   MRI is still a week away, and currently waiting on an appointment for an Ortho.  The heel is most times tender to the touch - feels like I'm getting hit with a hammer if I bump the bottom of my heel against anything, even my other foot. It has gotten to the point where I can put some weight flat footed, with a little tension in the heel, but I do end up with a pretty significant dull ache in no time at all.  Same feeling in the morning when I first wake up and the blood rushes to my foot.  Foot and ankle appear to operate fine, but when I try to rotate my foot out outward (more so when up or down), its almost like stretching a cut or scabbed up flesh. Tendinitis, tear, thoughts?  Thanks.
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