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Uppder back and arm pain

6 weeks ago I woke up with a really sore upper back and pain under my right shoulder blade.  The pain is now down my tricep and along my outer forearm into my ring and pinky finger.  The pain is not constant but really hurts when it does.  Sometime the triecp and forearm hurt more than the upper back.  I have full range of motion and no weakness. It hurts worst when driving or sitting at my computer.  Is it possible that I have angered one of the many muscles in the shoulder blade area and it is radiating down my arm or does this sound like something else.  A couple of times I have thought it was getting better only for it to come back worse.  I have no other symptoms like weightloss by I do have a hard time sleeping with the pain so I am very tired.  Thanks in advance
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It sounds like it may possibly be coming from your neck.  Best to get it checked out!
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Hi there!

This sounds more like a nerve impingement/ trauma, which could have occurred at the level of shoulder or the upper arm. Other possible causes are inflammations, muscle degeneration, dislocations, injuries etc. It would be best to get this evaluated by a neurologist. A few tests like blood tests, imaging studies like X-rays/ MRI, EMG/ nerve conduction studies etc may be required for the same. After a diagnosis is made, a management plan can be drafted accordingly.
Hope this was useful.

Take care!
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