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What do you see on my knee X-ray

I will post a picture of my knee x-ray, I want to ask if everything is alright and normal, mainly I ask about the joint space. 24 year old, male, fintess enthusiast. I have lateral pain on the surface of my knee and the doctors are looking for the right diagnosis.


* I will post a better picture of the x-ray shortly*
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Same image, better quality

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Mild medial joint space narrowing (if at all), no major osteophytes (bone spurs), no effusion. So little to no arthritis. No major abnormalities. Looks like a healthy knee. Sunrise/merchant view would be helpful to look at your patellofemoral joint. Are stairs your problem or prolonged kneeling? If so, then patellofemoral joint arthrosis. If you have locking/catching/clicking and pain on the inside/medial of your knee then likely meniscus tear. If the pain is bad enough, I'd see your PCP who can get an MRI to rule out other things such as meniscus, ACL, OCD lesions, PVNS, etc. Try nsaids, home pt, quad stretching/strengthening.
The above is good advice.  I've had chronic knee problems, but an X-ray tells you next to nothing except possible osteoarthritis.  An MRI tells you a lot more.  But I doubt a general doc can read them very well, you'd have to see an orthpedic surgeon to get a better reading of it and they also know better how to test your range of motion to see what's up.  But make sure whatever you do look at the radiologist's report yourself and know that while most surgeons are fairly conservative and usually send you to physical therapy to see if that will fix it, some are money hungry cutters who will cut first and ask questions later.  Good luck.
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