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Anyone have any suggestions on knee pain. post op surgery in august 2009(lateral release, torn meniscus repair and scraping of knee to get arthrtiis cleaned out), still no better actually more pain since but different pain. I am in severe pain most days dr wont give me no pain meds, i have tried ibuprofen so much to the point my stomach burns, so that is out. Tylenol, aleve doesnt help. I got an appt to a new dr tomorrow, so maybe he can help..was just wondering if anyone had any advice on injections..etc.. i had steroid inj and that doesnt help !
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I would suggest you to get an X-ray and rule out arthritis and cartilage damage.

If you do not have arthritis then I would suggest you proper physiotherapy for the ligament repair.

You can use ice packs to decrease the pain and inflammation along with pain killers. Do not take pain killers on empty stomach as it causes increase gastric acidity and the burning sensation.

I would suggest you to follow up with your orthopedic surgeon and if required you can try a steroid injection or viscosupplementation in your joint.

Take care!
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Thanks so much....I have had xrays in august b4 my surdery and it revealed severe arthritis in the knee due to the men tear i had. Had a new ortho dr appt on thurday and he gave me another steriod injection, which gave me very very severe pain and burning this time but hasnt helped at all. He has ordered me to have extensive PT for months to see if that will strengthen knee back up. I have arthritis , chondromalacia, crepitus, patellar sublaxation, and had a lateral release. Not on any pain meds and in severe pain and just dont know
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