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patellar tendonitis

I fell hard on my kneecaps directly on tile and MRI showed patella Tendonitis and Chondromalacia. Does anyone know any treatments except NASIDS , COLD  PACK AND REST?
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     Thanks for writing in. Pain in the knee cap usually refers to injury or under development of patella. Conditions causing this could be patellar bursitis, chodromalacia, patellar and quadriceps tendon rupture, fracture of the patella, subluxation and dislocation of patella.
In your case, it is injury due to over use. It could most likely be pre-patellar bursitis, which causes pain during movement, limited movement and swelling. Symptoms of pre-patellar bursitis are usually aggravated by kneeling, and relieve when sitting still. It could also be patellar tendonitis, which manifests with pain during activities mainly kneeling.
Diagnosis can be made with the help of physical examination, history and x-rays. Rest, anti-inflammatory drugs, ice packs, braces include in treatment.
Consult a orthopaedician for further assistance.
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Last year my doctor ran a Vitamin D test on me and I was at an 8 which is really low. Once he put me on 1000 IU of Vitamin D a day the tendonitis disappeared within 2 weeks. I have suffered with it in my shoulders since 2004.

Without enough Vitamin D in your body, your body can't absorb calcium thus it is leached out into your joints causing tendonitis.

My shoulders are back to normal strength now and feeling great, its has been 7 months and not a sign of tendonitis yet. My orthopaedic ran x-rays and its gone.
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