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Bilateral ovarian cysts and Elevated CA 125

I am 27 years old and just recently I was diagnosed of having bilateral ovarian cysts. It was detected when my doctor recommends for a whole abdominal ultrasound. I had sharp pain in the morning and was relieved with fart or poo. I may recur during the day but was persistent in two weeks. My doctor suspected for gastrointestinal problem since I also had gas problems. I was not relieved with the prescribed medicine thats why an ultrasound was done.
I have 7cm cyst on the left ovary and 4 cm on the right. I had a CA 125 of >600 U/mL. My surgery is scheduled on March 8 and my ob gyne said that my left ovary has to be removed and the right one will be preserved. A frozen section will be conducted to determine whether the mass is cancerous. If so, my appendix, lymph nodes, etc will be removed.  I ask the doctor whats the cutoff for ovary removal. they said that its 7cm huge cyst.
Im planning to have another ultrasound before my surgery, hoping for an improvement in the size of the left and right mass. Im taking herbal medicines, get into vegetable/fruit diet. Im feeling good, and right now, I dont have my usual dysmenorrhea.
It is possible that my cysts gets smaller? and should I prepare myself for a worse scenario because of my elevated CA 125?

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It is difficult for the size of cysts to decrease with herbal medicines. However just keep your fingers crossed till the next ultrasound. Cysts more than 5 cm are to be looked at with concern. However it is possible that the cysts turn out to be non-cancerous. The plan to go in for frozen section is the best as it will warn of any cancer suspicion during surgery and then the necessary surgical measures can be taken. Hope this helps.
Take care and good luck.
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I had my surgery last March 8, and the doctors were surprised that is was after all an ovarian abscess. I had chlamydia infection and the pus formed a cyst in my right ovary. they still performed cystectomy. my fallopian tubes were inflamed. I just cant understand how come all five ob.gyne who looked on my case and performed IE on me, didn't even had a hint that it was PID?
I was observant of my symptoms during check ups, and I always tell my doctors of my heavy discharge, but the first 2 drs said my discharge was normal and it didn't smell anything unusual but just normal. i told them also that I had UTI and during episodic pains, i got relieved with urination but with pain. The 4th dr who examined me (and who participated in the surgery) did a gram stain of my discharge but was not bothered of the gram negative rods in the lab result. Her senior who reviewed my lab results, prescribed taking of metrodinazole and thats barely two weeks before my scheduled operation.
After the operation, the doctors told me that surgery wasnt necessary, and I could have just treated with antibiotics. They prescribed clindamycin (4x/d) and doxycyclin (2x/d) for two weeks. My boyfirend went for check up a week after my operation and got + with chlamydia. but he has no smyptoms and he told me that his last contact was 2 yrs ago.
I was just bothered how come the drs have not hinted its not ovarian cysts but a PID due chlamydia infection?
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