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Cyst is gone, ovulation pain is not - bummer!

Two weeks after my dermoid cyst was removed, I'm having the worst ovulation pain I've experienced in several months - enough to make me head for the ibuprofin and double over until it takes effect.  I've had mild ovulation pain on the right side for many years, and every now and then it has reached this level, so it's not as if I've never experienced it before.  But when the dermoid was discovered I assumed that it was the reason I was having occasional intense ovulation pain, and was certain that removing the dermoid would take care of the problem.  Evidently I was wrong.  

Realistically, I think that things are probably still healing in there, and that all the mechanics of my current ovulation are occurring in a raw and super-sensitive environment.  To be fair, I probably need to go through a few more cycles to really be able to say whether or not ovulation is still painful.  Right?  Or should I be worried?  I can't imagine that anything's really wrong in there.  Two weeks ago today my ovary was being visually inspected by a professional with a laparoscopic camera, for Pete's sake ... what could possibly have developed in just fourteen days???  I'm not really worried, just disappointed that after undergoing surgery I'm still in pain.

Has anyone else experienced this after surgery?  
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Your assumption is correct.  The first few cycles will be odd and painful due to the healing.  You have nothing to worry about.
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Thanks for the reassurance.  I guess I didn't know what to expect.  Thank goodness it only lasted a few hours.
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I had ovulation a few days after surgery so was still on the drugs and didn't notice it.  My menstrual cramps were very bad, worse than they were before my surgery.  I too am hoping that it gets better next month.
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