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Diagnosed with an ovarian cyst and possibly infertile at 25 very afraid

Hello everyone. Many months ago I had unprotected sex and acquired trich. Suddenly after I developed these cramps that comes and goes. They also radiate to the lower back. This has been ongoing for some time. I eventually went to the ER due to constant pain and was diagnosed with ovarian cysts. The ER doctor told me that there is nothing much that can be done unless I go to a gyno doctor. I have an appointment made for Wednesday.
My periods have been sporadic for some time. Last week I missed a period and yesterday and the day before I spotted. I researched the symptoms of spotting and found that this is commonly related to a possible HPV cervical cancer. I have not known anyone with ovarian cysts that spotted a week after a late cycle. I am so scared and need encourgement
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Cervical cancer is rare and takes many years to develop from abnormal cells that can be detected from pap smears and biopsies (sometimes necessary after abnormal pap results). There are a number of reasons for spotting and it's usually nothing serious. Keep us posted on what you find out.
Hello, I am back to give an update. Apparently, I had Bacteria Vaginosis that the Nurse Practitioner believed was causing the pelvic pain and lower back pain. She also did blood work for thyroid and hormone levels to determine PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) because I missed a cycle for February and I was having light periods, oily skin, and she noticed hair loss. She also scheduled me for an ultrasound. She then told me that the cyst the hospital doctor saw was not big enough to cause symptoms and she wants to check to see if it is something internal. She also ruled out endometriosis.

What I am not understanding is why would the other GYNO in the past not detect BV being that I was doing the cramping since June of last year. I am now thinking that they were not testing me for every bacteria because my test came back within seconds from the gyno I am with now. The cramping has now subsided but I am still getting sharp pains on the left side. Hopefully, the ultra can pick up something.
I've heard of BV but don't know what's involved in diagnosing it. PCOS crossed my mind too. Some of the classic symptoms are ovarian cysts in a "strand of pearls" pattern, an elevated testosterone level and missed periods (I believe typically 4 or less periods per year). As far as a small cyst, some women seem to have pain with them while others have no symptoms.

It's my understanding that exploratory surgery is needed to definitively diagnose or rule out endometriosis.

Let us know what the ultrasound shows.
thanks a lot  and I will come back to let everyone know
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The common symptom of bacterial vaginosis which is really REALLY common is smelly discharge. A foul odor that comes or goes but is unmistakable as bad.  Then they swab you to determine if you have it.  You seem highly stressed and hyper aware and I've been there.  You feel every thing at that point.  And if you are busy, etc. you probably notice it less.  Because you aren't focused on it.  I've had a simple cyst which is also quite common with women.  It can cause irregular bleeding.  It can cause more painful periods.  They normally pass on their own.  Mine did.  I was TTC at the time and was afraid I had a miscarriage but found out I was never pregnant.  I also have had BV. The thing with that is that it can come and go. You treat it and think it's gone and then it's back.  It's a pain.  But antibiotics are fairly good at clearing that up.  I also, lucky me, have had hypothyroidism and hormonal imbalances.  In my 20's, I had periods every 3 to 4 months due to hypothyroidism and my own natural production of too much estrogen.  I had a host of symptoms.  Mainly, I got pms right at 3 weeks and then it lasted until I got my period months later (joy).  I had dry skin, hair loss, slight weight gain and a slightly depressed mood among other things and I did have occasional spotting.  It went on for a year and a half, started out of nowhere and ended without intervention.  I was headed to an endocrinologist and waiting for my appointment to take place when the ship just seems to have righted itself.  There is some link to low level depression and thyroid issues.  so, how's your mood?  For BV, take the antibiotics, wear cotton breathable underwear and air out occasionally. If you exercise, change immediately following.  It helps.  The microbes involved in BV love airless, moist, warm situations.  Has anyone ever discussed anxiety with you? It's great that you are on top of your health, for sure. But there is an anxious component to this that makes me wish that this wasn't so.  I hope it all gets better soon and you can get to the bottom of why you are feeling this way.

Oh, and PCOS have they done lab work?  Blood tests and hormonal levels will help them diagnose that if this is the case.  good luck
Thanks, specialmom. You are so helpful and understanding. I am still working on my anxiety and before I  started losing weight I suffered from terrible depression and just like you, I started PMS symptoms weeks before my cycle would be due. I had horrible mood swings, bouts of crying, unable to get out of bed. my blood work will be discussed during my ultrasound in 2 weeks. I will be sure to provide an update
Hey everyone. I just wanted to give an update. So after almost a year of extreme pelvic pain, my symptoms diminished altogether yesterday morning when I awoke. I was so afraid that maybe it was a false alarm but all that day and today I did not feel any pelvic cramps. I was experiencing lower back pain only when sitting but that has gone away today. I now feel like my normal self again! I will update on the pelvic ultrasound when I go in Monday
Glad to hear you are feeling better!  Hope that continues!  let us know how the appointment goes!
So the appointment was canceled due to my period coming on a thousand times worse and painful than all my years. My flow was so heavy and painful for 3 days. The pain has now gone away.
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