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HRT shot

I just recently joined this site and have found the information very helpful. I have a question though. I had my uterus removed when I was 29 due to complications from child birth. I'm now 43 and am having both ovaries removed on Tuesday due to a large cyst. My question is-does anyone know about taking hormome replacement shots once a month. My dr said it was a combination and had B-12 and testosterone in it. Haven't really been able to find information on it anywhere else. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi Mary Pat, I know there is a woman who has spoken of taking injections that (I think) included Estrogen and I recall reading her posts on the Hysterectomy site. There is also a woman who answers posts (has in the past for sure, but I have not dropped by that site for a while) about Hormone replacent and she uses Estrogen pellets and I know she uses Testosterone but I cannot recall if that is in the pellet, but I think it is. I think the pellet goes into the hip area and lasts about three months. She has had great success with it. I also recall that the woman who was on the injections liked those, too.

I do not recall if the injections contained bioidentical estrogen and that would be my (my opinion) caution. Google some of these words (especially bioidentical vs. synthetic) estrogen and injections, etc...and see what you come up with.

The bioidentical testosterone that I use is considered "Off-label" since it is not "approved" for women. I have used it successfully for almost 8 years. I also use an Estrogen patch called Vivelle and it is Bioidentical (I get that at a regular pharmacy). I would not be without it. Just recently I have started to ween myself off of my beloved Progesterone which I have used for years. I am not scared that I have done any harm, it is just that there is a growing body of research that states that women without Ovaries do not have the enzymes necessary to utilize the Progesterone and so every good thing that I thought I was using it for was actually the action of the estrogen but the Progesterone may have been blocking some of the actions of the Estrogen (not getting through. I have been a bit frustrated lately with all of the contradictory research, but I am feeling much better than I had in some time. I have been reading a body of work by Dr. Elizabeth Vliet and she is making more and more sense to me as I read.

Not sure how helpful this has been, but I do wish you luck. And, I am happy for you that your doctor is addressing this issue (even if you choose another hormone path should you decide something else sounds like a better fit for you after you do more research). There are many women who are told nothing about the huge effects that taking the major hormones out of a woman's body (including testosterone) can do to the body.

Take care,

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Thanks so much for the comment your information and support really helps. I feel much better after reading comments on this site about what I'm doing to address the issue of my ovarian cyst--having my ovaries removed. I feel I have finally found a good doctor who is taking my problem seriously and also addressing the issue of the need for hormones after my surgery on Tuesday. Once again thanks for all the support.

Mary Pat
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