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Weight gain after laparotomy for ovarian cysts

Hi everyone,

I had a lapartomy performed on June 15th (bikini incision) to have to 7 cm chocolate cysts removed as well as adhesions due to endometriosis. I was scheduled for a laparoscopy but when my surgeon saw all the adhesions, she had to open me up. Although the surgery went fairly well, I seem to be gaining weight (5 pounds) since the surgery and I don't fit into any of my clothes. I understand that some swelling was normal but I figured after almost 3 weeks it should be gone by now. I also have the muffin top or swelly belly. How long does this last. I am 40 years old and was in pretty good shape before the procedure and very slim, exerciced 5 days a week. I am off work for another 6 weeks but am worried about this weight gain.
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I had put on 10 lbs. with my cyst and did have some further swelling afterwards.  I found it took 4 - 5 weeks to get my abdomen back to normal.  If you think it is still expanding do have it checked out with your doctor.
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Thanks for your reply, my surgeon didn't tell me much just that I will see you in 8 weeks. Never told me about the swelling or how long it would last otherwise I wouldn't of worried so much. If it took you 4-5 weeks, that reassures me.
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I don't notice a weight gain 13 days after my laporotomy. But I surely feel uncomfortable on wearing my panty which may be due to a slight swelling there. Even I was not given any instructions at all by my doc. Only the nurses gave me some tips.
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I'm 6 weeks on from my laparoscopy and still have a muffin top / swelly belly.  I'm seeing my onc/gyn this afternoon so will ask him and report back tomorrow.
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That would be wonderful if you could get some info from your gynecologist. Your surgery was done by laparascopy vs mine was a laparotomy and you still have the muffin top / swelly belly. Let me know
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Don't worry, it will go down eventually but you will have to work at it.  I'm 51, relatively fit and had a cyst removed by laparatomy 10 weeks ago yesterday. My bloated tummy meant wearing 2 sizes bigger shirts for a couple of weeks.  Try to walk as much as possible and importantly, when you can stand upright (sometimes the stitches holding you together can pull your muscles a little too tight), try to engage your core midriff muscles so your tummy can remember it's supposed to be held in like that.  My company physio (the hospital physios were pretty useless and just had stock phrases) has seen a no. of women with laps; caesereans and has had a laparoscopy herself.  She recommended that by about 6 - 8 weeks you should be doing gentle pilates exercises (only you will know how far you can stretch) and cycling on a stationary bike as well as gentle treadmill.  The difference in me from 8 to 10 wks has been good  and I can now see my scar when I look in the mirror which means the tummy is pulling itself up.  Also don't do any weights but at least run through your programme so your body remembers the actions even if you're not lifting anything.  I lifted some easy 3.5 kg for the arms and felt fine.  She also recommends single leg raises but definitely not double.  It's up to you how much you do.  Take it easy but at least start.  Hope that helps.  
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Thanks so much for your time in answering me. I am only at 4 weeks right now so you have really encouraged me not to give up and to give it more time. I am walking quite a bit so I will continue and slowly start to incorporate your other suggestions as I progess.
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