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tired of having more questions than answers

I have been in pain for over two months been to PCP, GYN and GI and I am getting tired of all the tests with no answers or actions!  Here are my results so far....

Colonoscopy - clean
TVUS - 1.4cm complex cyst on left ovary, uterine fibroid
CT scan - confirmed ovarian cyst plus identified an additional ovarian cyst
enlarged mesenteric lymph nodes and a 1cm hypodensity on my spleen

Originally i was told to wait and see and a follow up CT scan would need to be done in September, but the pain persits so I went back to the doctor who has now ordered a surgery consultation and an MRI.

More info on me I am 31 and a mother of two.  I had an ovary removed last year due to cysts and scar tissue from previous cyst rupture.

Dr's keep trying to treat my symptoms like IBS but I took their medicine like a good girl for the two week test period with no change in symptoms.

ovary pain
painful intercourse
screwed up periods (no longer every 28 days like i have always been)
lower back pain
bruised abdomen with noticable bumps (maybe lymph nodes?)
and bowel changes (hence the IBS treatment plan)

Anyone else going through all of this?  How do I get answers and results instead of medication thrown at me?

Thanks for any input
and bowel issues
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It looks like an MRI certainly couldn't hurt to get more of a good look? I don't know the differences between CT's and MRI's, where one is better than the other? But since you are still in pain, they need to figure out why?  The other things you mentioned, on your spleen and the lymph nodes. Did the doctor say that these will cause pain too? and did he say whether they need to be removed? I guess that is what your surgery consult is for? When do you go for the consult and MRI? I think you need to do both and see what they say so you can have some further answers.  Is the pain really bad? If so, ask for some prescription pain medicine.  I wouldn't take the IBS diagnosis at all. For some reason, that is a very common thing the doctors say that women have (not to say that they don't have it).  I was told that too and ended up with a foot of my intestine taken out.
Good luck and let us know how you do!
PS: Someone more knowledgeable will come along to help you
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the surgeon will likely be more forthcoming with his findings that the other docs
make a plan based on what u already know and take notes of all the
questions you want to ask
is there a suspicion of cancer ?
how can we determine it is not cancer ?
tell hi if u eant to still have babies after treatment if that is ur desire
be bold and be upfornt
ask the lord in prayer to guide u and ur surgeon
good luck i will pray for u
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I am not sure if your doctor told you this or not, but even a 1 cm cyst can cause exteme pain.  I am so gald that you are seeing a surgeon.  I too think that he will be able to answer your questions better and you can set a game plan into motion.  Like Sharon said, write down any questions that you may have and take your notebook or a small recorder with you to tape the conversation so you know what it going on.  Sometimes the appointment can be so overwhelming that you forget what has been said (hense the tape recorder:)  Good luck and please keep us informed.  

Prayers for you,
543028 tn?1282432426
and w0w my typing was bad .. hope that all came thru okay :)
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