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Back / Hip Pain

I was hoping someone could help! I am a 35 Year Old Female. For about 2 and a half years now, I have been having pain in my lower back and hio. My ortho sent me for an MRI and he said I had Spondylolisthesis. He treated it with Physical Therapy (which didn't work) and with Pain meds. He retired about a year and a half ago and I can't find someone who will treat me because its a "Chronic Condition. I was finally sent to a pain clinic. The Dr there wants me to have Facet injections and I am so afraid to try that. I have had some cortisone injections that have done nothing. I went back to my Family Practitioner who said it sounds like I could also have a touch of arthritis in my back and hips so she set up an appt for me to see a rhrumatologist. Anyone experience anything like this? It no that I want pain meds but that seems like the only thing that helped. I am in so much pain! When I did have the pain meds I would only take 1/2 a pill at a time instead of a whole one that was prescribed. I haven't asked any Dr for them because they make you feel like your a drug addict! lol Any opinions would be appreciated!

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Hi Kristen and welcome to the forum.

Fortunately there are many things you can do for  Spondylolisthesis.

Prolotherapy,also known as Regenerative Injection Technique, in which dextrose  is injected every 2-4 weeks into affected joints, ligaments and tendons to stimulate collagen and connective tissue repair.
This promotes your body’s own ability to heal chronic injury/damage by initiating a controlled inflammatory response and usually 3-6 treatments are sufficient.
You have to be assessed by a qualified MD, to determine if  this is suited for you.

Extracts of Boswellia Serrata have been clinically studied
for osteoarthritis and joint function. Their anti-inflammatory efficiency surpasses prescribed medications.
Also Glucosamine/Chondoitin/MSM combination , has a higher efficiency than any prescribed medications after 3 months of supplementation.

An anti-Arthritis diet combined with an Alkaline diet may also help. Just look it up.

Physical Therapy deserves a second chance. There may be  reasons that it did not work the first time for you. You may want to try a new PT and give it a minimum of 3 months for your supportive muscles to get retrained and stronger.

What grade is your Spondylolisthesis and is it at the L4 and L5?

Note that the above recommendations take time to work-unlike drugs- their action is gradual.

Back pain ****s.
I sympathise with you, as I went through it in the past, following a nasty injury in martial arts.
I managed to take care of it on my own, and I'm glad it's all behind me, because it really messes up your life.

If you need more suggestions, let me know, as I have many natural remedies "up my sleeve". lol!

Take care.

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Not sure of the grade but it is L4 & L5

Thanks for the suggestions!  

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Nikko is so right about natural remedies taking time to work.  Too often we say something "doesn't work" when we haven't really given it a chance.  Pain meds are quick and easy.  I recall a time years ago when I started an aerobic class (cross training with weights etc.) and I thought - "I can't possibly do this - my joints will explode and the pain is just too great".  Well - I stuck it out and slowly strengthened the muscles around those diseased joints and within a year could do everything the leader was doing.(a good 30 yrs ago)

(Please do not think I am extrapolating this to every other person or condition - no way).  It's just that sometimes patience is the virtue that will bring us pain relief in the end.  Now, I am saying this while lying in bed too weak to do what I know I should - so certainly not throwing any stones.

I have Degenerative Disc Disease, as well as Spinal Stenosis and Sacroiliitis, as well as L5-S1 impingement causing pain, numbness, and other parasthesias.  Because I haven't taken care of my spine with stretching and exercise in the past decade -  (due to MS and SSc etc.) it has worsened greatly, with my C-spine in danger of permanent damage.  And believe me - I understand not liking the injections - I've had every type there is and nothing has helped.and now I can't even get physical therapy due to having medicaid - :(

Try his suggestions (after consulting with your MD), and never give up.  By strengthening your abdominals as well as all of the muscles and ligaments of the back - you can greatly improve your condition (God willing).  And I'm so sorry you're getting the run around from the system due to having a "chronic condition".  I know all about that problem and sympathize.

I wish you the best.  Blessings, Jan
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