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Can a PM clinic dismiss me after I was seen at a hospital the night prior?

I am new to this form but I have a question and was hoping for some comments and views of opinions if you might be able to help me. I have been on Oxycodone immediate-release 10 mg every 6 hours for the quantity of 120 per month. I was being seen at this pain clinic and I ended up going into the hospital the night prior to my appointment. I was having issues with my heart and I was given a bunch of different medications as well as different sleep medication that I was on because it could affect my heart condition. The following day I was discharged early in the morning and was able to go home as my heart has stabilized. I was still able to make it to the doctor's appointment and gave a urinalysis as a doctor ask for. When I came back the following month to get a refill my prescriptions I was told by him that my urine had showed up dirty four different medications at that point I'd explain to him I was in the hospital the night prior and I would be happy to bring him in documentation as well as I asked for another urinalysis that week. He refused me the urinalysis and basically told me that I had two choices and that was either to take Suboxone or to be dismissed from the clinic indefinitely. As I had been on opiates for over 20 years of my life, I decided to go on the Suboxone. I feel like I was forced into taking that because if I chose no Suboxone I would have had horrible withdrawals. This doctor kept pushing his opinions on me saying that pain medications were bad as he was a holistic PA from India and his view of Narcotics were very poor. He constantly questioning me over and over why I would rather take pain meds then be on Suboxone. I told him I was more than happy to provide the documentation from the hospital as well as the UA. Long story short I ended up going to my primary care physician and she was kind enough to put me on my dosage of Oxycodone. She ended up leaving that practice and I had to find another physician and he took over my pain meds until I could get into a pain clinic. I visited over for their pain clinics but they said they wouldn't take me on as a patient as 40 mg of oxycodone a day was too much. My doctor ended up sending me referral back to the original pain clinic I had been to with the Indian doctor. I called yesterday and I was able to make an appointment for 3:45 today. Day rolls around and I get a call around 2 p.m. and I was told that the doctor who I've seen before did not feel safe seeing me again and the only things you would ever be able to prescribe for me was Suboxone because I had been listed as an addicted patient. I was put on a brief hold until another secretary got on the phone and was told that unless I saw a certain doctor I would not be able to be prescribed any pain meds from that facility. She said that it would be up to that doctor to decide whether or not to remove me as an addicted patient back into the program or if I would be completely dismissed from the clinic. I am waiting for this doctor to call me and make an appointment as I said I needed to be seen in the month of December. Can a Pain Management Facility legally do this considering the situation I have been admitted to the hospital and was given various medications? Like I said, they refused me every Duel of my urinalysis and did not allow me to show proof where they have a clause in their pain contract that says if your prescribed medication or from the emergency room or hospital that it would not be counted against you.
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Hi. Sorry for your predicament.  That must be really frustrating and scary.  The one good thing about suboxone is that you no longer have to worry as much about getting your medication or not getting it.  That's really the truth these days as there is more and more pressure on doctors to not prescribe long term oxycontin to pain patients.  I think they are under tremendous scrutiny and pressure when prescribing this.  In fact, one false move by them can bring repercussions to their license to practice medicine.  Depends on the state, but in mine they can definitely drop you for any reason they feel that it is warranted.   I am wondering what medications did you test positive for after the ER visit?  Were they heart related or something else?  Absolutely no judgment so don't read anything I"m writing that way.  I'm with you and support you and am just trying to help and understand!  The reason I ask is that you have more of a case to make if they were not controlled substances.  Your other option is if the other pain clinics are concerned about your dosage of oxy is to decrease it.  Can you survive on less?  You've been on it a long time and that probably gets an immediate panicky reaction from you.  I understand!  But you are between a rock and a hard place.   What is your pain from?  Is there any hope for working on that?  To decrease your need for the high dose oxy?  Had you told them about the ER visit for your heart at the appointment you went to? The first time right after the ER visit and when they did the testing?  
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If you went to the appointment at the PM office right after your discharge from the hospital for the heart issues, why did you not inform the PMs office immediately and show them the copies of the discharge papers you were given? It would have listed the meds you were given, dosages, diagnosis and proved to the PM clinic you were upfront and honest. It also may have avoided any problems with a failed test.
Waiting a month, then after failing the Irvine test appears like you are trying to cover the failed test, even if you had legitimate reasons for failing the test.
Unfortunately, doctors can dismiss any patient for any reason, at any time.
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Should have said urine test, not Ivine test
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