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Chronic back pain and failed back surgery

My problem is I do suffer from chronic pain. I do have a Pain Management Dr. I've had 4 back surgeries. I was a teachers aide in special ed and one of my students attack me resulting in fracturing my L4/L5/S1 also I have rheumatoid arthritis anyway I was put on 60mg morphine er twice a day and for the breakthrough oxycodone 15 mg every 4/6 hours. I was doing fine then he started lowering my meds. He put me on 1 60mg of morphine er and oxycodone 15mg every 6 hours. My pain is horrible and put me back in bed. I told him that I'm hurting so bad again now and at least with the morphine er twice a day and oxycodone 15 mg I could at least do some things. Again he wants to even lower me more to morphine er 30mg once a day and lower my oxycodone to 10mg every 6 hours. I told him I can't even do the 60mg of morphine once a day he then told me to find another PM Dr. Why are these Drs scared to write prescriptions for you i have current MRI results that show my fusions never healed right so that's why I'm still in a lot of pain and also I now have problems in my L3/L2. What do I do? Can I turn him in to the medical board for doing this to me? I now have a new PM Dr that I will start seeing this middle of this month. But I don't understand why these Drs are doing this to people that have a legitimate problem. I know the PM Drs are scared of addicts but I AM NOT ONE OF THEM!!! and he knows that but he's treating me as I am. He even told me that he's trying to get me completely off opiates? How is that going to help me? I have the results that prove I didn't heal so that should tell him if my surgeries didn't help or fix my problem, I still have a problem? I don't get it. If anyone is going through the same thing please respond what you're going through and if MedHelp can answer my question PLEASE tell me.
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Most PM patients are finding their medication doses being lowered, to meet the under 100 mg MME (morphine equivalent) recommendations in place currently.
Most of us are having to adjust to lower daily doses of opiates, and using other types of meds to address the muscle and neuropathic pain.
Because of the abuse by patients and drug seekers, and the over prescribing by some physicians, patients, even ones with well documented conditions are being reduced.
What other medications do you take to treat neuro and muscular problems? If you currently are not taking any of these you may want to discuss that with your doctor and ask him what else can be done to help manage your pain.
One word of caution, going to another doctor in Hope's of them continuing your current doses is likely to be futile. No doctor has to continue a patient on meds another doctor put you on and most will not. In fact, most PM doctors if they prescribe pain meds will want you to start over, with the lesser opiates or synthetic opiates, such as tramadol , and even then typically make a patient wait until at the earliest the 2nd visit, after urine testing compliance testing is complete and they have your pharmacy and medical records.
Bsckhurtz, thank you  your reply. I totally agree 100% with what you said about the drug seekers, addicts, Drs over prescribing. And everything. To your questions on other meds I'm on, Tizanadine, Gabapentin. I'm making this short as my phone is fixing to die on me. I will comment more tomorrow.
Sorry I spelled your name wrong meant Backhurtz. I also take Sulfsalazine for my RA.
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