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Classic Chronic Back Pain

Anyone know of any other Meds. to use for chronic lower back pain ? I have tried the Vicodin of various strengths, Ultram ( Tramadol) and over the counter meds. Tramadol works well but gives me horrible headaches also.
Vicodin I can't take at work for obviuos reasons.
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Hi Scotty:  I'm sorry to hear of your pain.  As far as other meds, I use a drug called Arthrotec.  Info for this drug : http://www.drugs.com/pdr/arthrotec.html.  

I have no idea if this will help you.  I use it for neck and hand pain.  Works very well for me.  If helps my sister with the same issues.  It's basically an NSAID for those of us with ulcers.

I have no way of knowing if it would help you.  But it doesn't affect you in the same way that Vicodin does.  It's not for everyone and you would have to ask your PMP about it.  It does have some not so pleasant side effects.

Good luck and I do hope you find some relief soon.  
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Hi Scotty,

Welcome to the Pain Mangement Forum. I too am sorry to hear about your chronic back pain. We all know how disruptive cp can be to our lives and the daily tasks that we must meet. My heart goes out to you.

Are you seeing a PMP? If not I encourage you to do so. To find good pain control is often a trial and error.

I was able to continue my career and take Vicodin, however I did not work around machinery or drive. The owners of the business were aware that I required narcotics to control my pain in order to work. They approved it. It did not produce any effects that interfered with my career. However I took it in small doses until my system became accustomed to it. The medication was busy working on my pain and not did interfere with my ability to function. Are you able to do the same?

There are NSAIDs that may help your chronic pain. I never obtained any measurable releif with them but some ppl do. I am hesitate to recommend a medication. I feel that medication selection is between you and your physician. So please talk to him/her.  I am confident that you will be able to come up with a plan for pain management.

I took Tramadol also and the took Ibuprofen to ease the headaches but it did not sufficiently control my pain. You might want to discuss this with your PMP to see if you can take the two together.

I hope you will be able to find a combination of medication and treatment that will ease you chronic pain enough to allow you to continue to work.

We wish you the best and hope you will let us know how you are doing. We will look forward to your updates.

Take Care,
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Just a word of caution: PLEASE don't take OTC pain meds lightly because you can get them more easily. I did that, and now get rebounds, where the Tylenol/aspirin/ibuprofen makes my pain WORSE because I unintentionally abused them.

I would definitely talk to your doc about how to manage the pain meds, and how best to take them for the maximum benefit with minimal side effects.

Good luck,

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