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I am having MIGRAINES, severely when traveling in vehilcle, or in public spaces, and loud environments?

I posted a question regarding my WPW, a couple days ago, well the migraines have become so severe that i have to pull over on the side of the road. The migraines are similar to a tension headache, but has the effects of vertigo. i researched a couple of the symptoms that i am having and the most common feedback return that i am getting from different search engines: such as google, and etc. is a disease called LUPAS Headaches or SLE. it is more common in women, but so is thyroid issues which i was diagnosed with on my last visit with my DR. The question that i have is: Is there someone that can tell me their thoughts, to what they may have experienced, or if they believe to think that it might be another disorder. I am currently not prescribed any medicine, and i would kind of like to know what to ask for and to tell the DR when i follow up with him. But please someone please tell me more about "SLE", or Lupas Headaches. vision is blurring, so i need to close for now..thank you and god bless!
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I am not familiar with these conditions but I will look into it for you. Tell your Dr everything and in fact write it down so you don't miss anything. Most Dr's will not prescribe narcotics for headaches like your they tend to prescribe the migrain meds instead. Have you tried anything s far as medications?
I will get back to you soon:)
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OK that would be great! I just want to know, because like most, i am uninsured and i cant afford to get this DRs thoughts, and get that ones opinion as well, though that is what i need to do. but yes please keep me informed..thanks and god bless!
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Hi tonkaboy,

  My advice to you is to get a refral or make an app. with a rhumatologist or a Neurologist. A Rhumy specializes in systemic conditions like Lupus. And alot of conditions like Lupus have many neurological symtoms.
Rhumys can run really in depth tests for alot of diseases that regular DR's dont do as indepth when they test you for them.
It is extreamly difficult to diagnos Lupus and SLE in most cases because they can mimic other conditions and illude tests until they reach a certain stage or point.
They thought had Lupus or another autominnune condition and it took a long time and many tests to rule it out.

Headaches/migrains and blurred vision have many many possible causes its almost impossible to say what could be causing your symptoms.  
i would start writing down all the symptoms I have or have had in the past few weeks and write a daily log of how I feel, what sympoms I'm having and when. That may be able to really help you and your DR see a pattern or just keep track of what is going on.

I hope you find the answer you need to get this all under control and taken care of.

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I have found that Topamax works wonders for my migraines - it's used as a migraine preventative. (also used for seizure control) I also have migraines associated with dizziness and vomiting.  They start you out with 25 mg and increase the dosage over weeks. Some of the side effects can seem like brain fog and word finding problems but your body gets used to the drug. I take 100 mg at night and it also helps me to sleep better.
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