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Live in New Jersey I was cut cold turkey 3drugs at one is that legal any recourse

Went to my doctor for er visit for MRSA. Doctor asked me to do a drug urine test sat there for an hour and 45 minutes trying to go when I received a phone call that one of my children were hit by a car and we're in the hospital. I explained to the office I had to leave it was an emergency and that I would come back and redo the test but I had to go. The doctor had the nurse call me and tell me he was cutting my meds three of them after taking them for 20 years cold turkey. I have never had an issue with my doctor or my drug tests I'm very sick. He not only refused to give me my pain meds he is refusing my migraine medicine and my medication for ADD these are three controlled substances that I've been on for 20 years and never have shown up a dirty room or ask for more meds early. Is this legal and what if any is my recourse
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Yes, it is legal and is considered a refusal and non compliance.  Someone obviously was with your child that could have stayed with them, long enough for you to provide a urine sample before leaving.
Despite the Emergency, you were there for almost 2 hours prior and failed to provide the sample requested.
You should be able to provide documentation of the accident (police report), and ER records documenting your child's accident, and visit to the ER.
Doctors are under no obligation to care for a patient, and not under any obligation to continue scheduled medications or taper you off if you fail to follow the policies.
For all the doctor or office staff knows, you could have had a friend or family member contact you to give you a reason to leave. NOT saying you did that, but it happens far more often than you might think.
In today's environment and scheduled medications, patients need to be prepared to give a urine sample at every visit.

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