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I have been taking 3-7.5mg hydrocodone a day for several years for lower back pain(1 herniated, 2 degenerative discs). 4 months ago, I had a motorcycle wreck which broke my heel/tibia/fibula, dislocated my ankle, snapped most of the tendons in my foot and did some major nerve damage.
I've been diagnosed with RSD and have been on Demerol, hydrocodone, oxycodone and Lyrica. After seeing what works and what doesn't, I am currently only taking the oxycodone(2-7.5 every 4-6 hrs) and Lyrica(3-75 mg a day). The side effects I'm experiencing are constipation and my libido is mia. I can deal with the constipation, but at 45 and married, the libido change has GOT to be corrected.
Since I've had experience with hydrocodone and none with the Lyrica, I was thinking of asking my doctor to reduce my daily intake as I can't tell if it's even doing anything for me. Does anyone have any experience with this drug? If so, did you experience this?

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Thanks for pointing that out Augy. I reread your post several times and was a bit confused as to which med you were currently taking. I am a bit tired this morning...guess it shows!!

You are correct, both oxycodone and hydrocodone have that same side effect listed.
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Thanks for the response. One correction though, I am taking oxycodone and Lyrica, not hydrocodone. I assume the side affects are probably about the same, anyway.
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Hi Augy,

I am sorry that you are experiencing this side effect. Your right that it needs to be addressed. One of the side effects of Lyrica is decrease in libido. Hydrocodone lists the side effect as altered sex drive. Everyone responds differently but I take hydrocodone and have not experienced that side effect. I do not take lyrica.

Unfortunately you are taking two medications that can mess with your libido. It may be the combination of the two for you. Maybe changing one will make a difference. Your physician should be willing to work with you in trial and error approach to determine which combination will work best in addressing this side effect. Be aware that most if not all narcotics as well as anything in the lyrica family come with this warning and you may find that any one of them will have the same effect to one degree or another. It may simply be the addition of the lyrica that caused this issue.

You are not on a very high dose of the lyrica. You might find that you can do with less or that neurontin (a similar medication)  will not have the same effect. Best of luck to you. Maybe another member can offer their personal experience and share what has worked for them. I hope you will keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. We all learn from one another.

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