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I was looking over some of the questions that are here and there are a lot of them that pertain to my situation, but I thought that these questions were answered by doctors, and then found to ask one of those questions, you have to pay $15. I am looking for the answers to some of these questions but where do I find them, I need answers.
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Hi and welcome to the Pain Management Forum,

Everyone on here are patients or ex-patients. Most are CP (Chronic Pain) patients and we try to help each other out with whatever type of expertise and knowledge that we possess from our unfortunate experience with our pain.

We tell about our different experiences that we have had with different meds and different Dr's. We are able to give each other information and ideas that, hopefully, will be of use to them in their constant battle with their continuing and unrelenting pain.

If you would like to participate in this forum you would be most welcome and hope that you would like to become a contributing member. There is NO charge and you would meet many friends on here that would be willing tohelp in any way that whey can.

There are many experts on here that can give you EXCELLENT advice on how to proceed or where to go to get your answers.

Hope that you will give us a try.

We are always here for you....Sherry
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Welcome to the forum!

As Sherry said above, most of us are patients or recovered patients. We have a very broad spectrum of symptoms and knowledge, but share what we have. Some people are knowledgeable on many fronts, while others are more specialized in one or two areas.

However, we are patients, not physicians, and nothing can substitute for a professional examination. We're here to help, and resolve whatever questions you have if we can, but that's all we can do.

I hope we can help you get some of your questions answered!

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thanks for the answers and the welcomes, I think I will be able to find lots of useful info here.
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You will find an endless supply of information here on many different issues.  I'm fairly knowledgeable about a range of things due to my background in medical malpractice as well as my own issues and issues I've had with kids and elderly parents.  (It's kind of funny; in my family we (the 3 siblings) all have different roles.  Mine is "the doctor."  I get phone calls at all hours of the day or night about something that's going on with them or with one of their kids.  (I've even had my brother email me photos of my nephew's rash.  I always, of course, tell them, "I'm not a doctor, but ..." and then tell them what I'd do.

I've always had a knack for medical things, and after so many years of working as a court reporter specializing in medical malpractice, I just ended up with all sorts of information.

But even with my experiences, I find so much more to learn about from this site.  It helps pass the time for me, and I can research some things for me, family and friends.
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