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Sore Tailbone

I have had a sore tailbone for 2 years. Anyone else found any treatments other than "wait it out" while using a coccyx cushion?
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Hello ky1032, welcome to the pain forum.

Are you sure this is not a pilonidal cyst?


Otherwise, they call this coccydynia (pain in the coccyx,) and two years is too long.

Have you tried any mode of treatment?

Last resort is a surgical procedure called coccygectomy, but before consenting to this, I'd want multiple opinions.
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Hi KY,

Welcome. I am sorry to hear about your pain. My sister suffered with the same or similar condition for over a year, this was a number of years ago. She finally required surgery and if was successful. Her pain is greatly reduced.

Phil has offered some good suggestions. Your symptoms have gone on far to long. It's time to either have your current treating physician become more aggressive in his treatment - or seek a second opinion.

Life is short - too short to live it in unnecessary discomfort. Please be assertive and obtain treatment.

I hope you'll keep in touch. I'll look forward to hearing from you again.

My Best,
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Thanks for the comments. I will look into it!
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Did you have an injury that resulted in the tailbone pain? If so, give some details...I am an "expert" when it comes to tailbone pain, having lived with it for about 8 years.  My pain is from an injury, and is permanent...so I rely on many different pain management techniques...so if you can provide more info I'll know which ones I should tell you about more:)
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