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Throat pain

Suddenly a week ago, within the span of 30mins, my throat went from normal to PAINFUL. Ive never had a sore throat like this before. Theres no white spots.

I  wanted to sleep all the time, and then got cold lit symtoms. My thoat still hurts very badly. Now, when I swallow water it hurts too. I dont know if I had a fever or not, at times it felt liek it but Ive been keeping a steady suppy of painkillers in me.

Ive been coughing up blood with my mucus. At first just a couple drops, its gotten very red. But only in the mornings.
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I really recommend you get in to see your Dr. It sounds like you may have strep throat.
I wish I could tell you what's going on but only your Dr can tell you. They will most likely do tests to see if you have an infection. Possibly a throat scab too in case it's strep.
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Thanks, Ill be trying to get an appointment on monday because of the blood showing up. I thought I had to have white patches but I guess not.

Additional information,

I dont smoke, drink, and my tonsils are removed already.
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You'll be fine. You just got what everybody else gets at some point in their life. You know what I think? I think few days of yucky doctor pills and you'll be good to go! :-)
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