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Why do I have pain from my pelvic fracture after 7 months?

The doctor says the fracture is healed yet I still have pain in that area when walking or when I try to run. It almost feels like a tearing pain like something is separating. I am so frustrated I don't know what to do. I had an MRI 2 weeks ago but I can't decipher the results from the doctor:

Here is the official mri report:
1. Healing fracture of the left inferior pubic ramus. A clear
underlying bone lesion is not identified. Mild marrow edema within
the anterior aspect of the left inferior pubic ramus near the pubic
symphysis, which may represent stress reaction.
2. Mild edema adjacent to the greater trochanters bilaterally may
indicate mild inflammation.

I just want to know when will I can expect to heal or if there is anything I can do to help this. I am tired of being in pain. I'm only 29 but I am very active and I don't have other underlying health problems. Doctors suspected domestic violence as cause of the fracture but they don't know how it happened.
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Sounds like inflammation is causing the pain.  MMaybe try some NSAIDs or physical therapy.  What does your doc say about why you are in pain?
Ok, so it turns out my MRI results show that I have bruising inside the pelvic bone, even though the initial fracture is healed. According to the ortho surgeon, I cannot run or any other physical activity until the bruising subsides. The pain is coming from the bruising/inflammation/fluid inside the bone which is apparently a precursor to another fracture.

I'm trying to be really careful and avoid another fracture. I still have some pain with walking.

They did not recommend PT because it won't really help the bone heal any faster.
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Oh the edema (seeking) is causing pain and pressure as well as that residual bruising poor thing! I also am thinkng the decreased mobility can make you stiff and cause ligament pain.  The greater trochanter is the ball in socket joint bone ...those are pretty serious injuries and you're not an equestrian or not but runner you didn't fall on a bicycle? Any trauma that you can think of?
No there was no trauma I can think of. Dr believes it was caused by overuse and poor biomechanics. He wants me to be evaluated by phyisical therapist. I hope to at least be healed by the end of the year...I still have quite a bit of pain
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Sorry edema (swelling) fluid
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