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knee issue

I fell on a dirt bike 4 days ago.  My knee was bruised and swelled up pretty bad but has gone down significantly since then. It's still bruised and kind of swollen so i can't bend it very far yet or put a bunch of pressure on it.  I've been putting ice on it and taking pain relievers-the basics-and it has helped but i was just wanting to get an idea on how long the swelling and bruising will last.  I'd imagine it won't be much longer, but I was just wondering if there's anything else I can do or take to get rid of it any quicker.  Or should I just wait it out?  Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance.
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As previously recommended; get x-ray or MRI of the knee....you can't tell what damage by looking at the exterior.
I too am a cyclist and generally my 'first point of road contact' is the left knee, and a recent accident disclosed a torn cartilage and arthritis in the left knee (and some swelling behind the knee.....no pain, just swollen). One injection of Cartisone and 1 weekly injection of Hyaluronic Acid for 3 weeks brought some relief, but very little.
I read about Castor Oil Packs and within 1 hour, I eliminated the swelling (had been swollen for almost 4 months) and daily treatments of COP has eliminated 95% of all discomfort....won't heal the Arthritis or Torn Cartilage, but I can walk, sleep, etc. without issues. Castor Oil Pack....You say??? I told myself that could never work, but one day at Wally-world, I thought: What the heck, $3/bottle of CO ...what have I got to lose???
Bang!!! it Worked!!!! So now, I have my Chicken Feathers Headress on order and am getting into 'old school remedies'...It worked before the AMA :))
My Sports Ortho is astounded
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I assume you have not had it xrayed, I would do that in case you have any damage.
The ice and anti inflammatories will help the swelling. I suggest you do have the xrays just to be sure you haven't done any major damage. There is something called yam root that will help with the bruising and pain too and you can get this at your local health  store.
I hope your feeling better very soon:)
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