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my update- kitties and my apparent new kidney stones, yay

hi guys its been awhile! I rarely visit medhelp anymore except to do my NFL football pool that I run on the other side. For starters my computer will no longer view the pages right on medhelp, its liek the titles, authors and such are invisible. I can just see an icon where they should be, so it makes it hard to read obviously, lol. When i do click on those blank spots, it does pull up the post and i can see the text inside...weird..  anyhow Ive been busy wtih my kids, my pets and such. got yet another stray cat, starved nearly to death. her pics are uploaded in my profile if you want to see. the other stray is doing great (little YENA, the tiny kitten that looks like a hyena) she is my super sweet lover girl, putty in my hands now.

now for my other recent news...i think i might have kidney stones now!! omg it started yesterday, horrific pain in my left lower back. I have been up all night long in pain. could not sleep at all, the pains got sharper and worse when i would sit up or try to walk. I probably will go to the ER today after I get my kids off to school. I just had another horrific pang while typing this. the pain wax and wanes but sometimes like all night last night, it was nearly constant pain! THis suckks! I just turned 40 like a week or two ago and my body is falling apart even faster now, lol.
well thats my update for now. I hope you are all doing good as can be.
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Hello Ohio,

It's great to hear from you again. You were missed!!

I've had kidney stones on and off since I was thirty. My brother had his first kidney stones in his early twenties. So rest assured it's not just age. :o)

I know how very painful moving kidney stones can be. Have you been to ER? What did you discover? I'll forward to hearing from you.....and hope that everything went well at ER. Or at the very least your pain is controlled or ended.

My Best to You,

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I'm sorry hon I just recovered from surgery to break up 2 kidney stones (they actually had to go in because they couldn't do the external lithotripsy)...and it's definitely not age. I had my first stone at 17, and I was 130lbs and VERY VERY healthy (several varsity teams, healthy no-more-than-1400-calories-a-day diet..etc)....it's just bad genes unfortunately.

it's agonizing and I spent an entire week with my stones blocking my kidneys and trying to pass last week before they could get me in for the surgery...and I wouldn't wish that on ANYONE. I hope that you go get help soon because there's no reason to wait at home with that kind of agony...I had to go to the ER twice when I had the stones and BOTH times they were overwhelmingly kind and helpful and treated my pain and my case with dignity and kindness. I actually ended up with too MANY pain scripts ...way more than I ended up needing...but I was so grateful that they treated me...so please..please...go get seen. no need to stay home and hurt like that!

please update and DON'T put yourself through days of this...besides, you may need surgical help passing the stones and you DON'T want to wait to find that out like I did and end up being stuck through the weekend and half of another week before you get help :(.
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thx you guys. I ended up passing a stone yesterday. So i did not go to ER (i try to avoid that for many reasons but #1 reason is i have NO insurance!) However I do feel like I have a bladder infection now and also some more back pain (not nearly as bad as it was before though) ,so there might be more in there still, ugh! I am going to the reg. Dr today though so I can get some antbiotics and possibly an x-ray. I'll update when I can.
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Thanks for the update Ohio.

Sometimes after passing a kidney stone you can develop an infection. However according to my urologist "dormant" kidney stones do not cause a UTI.

I have only had one imaging in the last twenty years that did not reveal stone(s) sitting in my kidney. I have never had a UTI in all those years. I know I am lucky in that aspect. I hope you do not have a UTI.

I wish you the best and hope to hear from you again soon.

Take Care,
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went to the "free clinic doctor" instead of my good physician today...not happy w/ the results...yes I have a UTI, blood & leukocytes in the urinalysis, and tenderness/pain when he tapped on my lower back on that side, he thinsk I have more in there and/or kidney infection brewing as well possibly. Put me on an antbiotic I'd never used before and now that i read the side effects of it, Im scared to death to try it (one of the main ones being it can cause serious respiratory problems- as some of you here know I just got done being horrifically ill with bronchitis/bad cold/asthma problem that lasted weeks. I do NOT want to try this abx!! .  Tomorrow I have to go to my real physician (need my  normal refills anyhow) so going to see if they will RX me a diff ABX (also one that was undr 50 bucks would be nice ttoo, which this current Rx is not)
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you are either a genius or one of the unlucky ones
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This post is almost a year old,,,, if you wish to contact the original poster you may want to send her a PM.  I haven't "seen" her on our forum recently.

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