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Im having pain in the back of my neck down my left shoulder arms till my ring finger.
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Hi chip. When did this pain start? Did you do anything that you think may have caused it? It sounds like it may be a nerve being pinched in your neck or possibly your shoulder. Please give more info about when, where, how these symptoms started so others with similar can help.

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You have a trigger point on your scaleni muscle or levator scapulae, rhomboideus, infraspinatus, supraspinatus. Look for those muscles and massage them with a tennis ball on a wall wih rolling over the ball. The scaleni you need to massage with your fingers
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thank you both,for your info....i work in the middle-east,to get a good doctor,is like finding a needle in haystack.... it started about aug of 2009.
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search for someone who knows how to threat trigger points. Or you can buy a book called trigger point therapy, or maybe download if you find it on the internet (try gigapedia.com)
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