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My son fell when he was 1 years old. He was taken to the doctor and had an x-ray. He is 4 years old and the dent has not gone away. It’s noticeable at the right angle and in the sunlight. His pediatrician says nothing about it. He’s a healthy boy with no issues medically. Just concerned the dent won’t ever go away and what should I do?
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Where on his body is the dent? I've got one in my leg that came from a big bruise, and tissue died and shrunk under it. The doctor says maybe fat will fill the divot some day but it hasn't happened yet. Is it a muscle dent or a bone dent?
It’s on his forehead.
Well, there's nothing wrong with asking the doctor about it again. Possibly the bone was affected when he was 1 because bones are pretty soft then, and then it hardened like that, or possibly it is a soft tissue issue instead. Only the doctor can tell you.
Also, a forceps birth can cause a dent; you're sure the dent came from his fall when he was 1?
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