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Height slowly dropping on chart?

So our daughter's height has been slowly dropping on her growth chart. Over the period of 2 years, she has gone from 95% down to 10%. The progression has been this:

Birth: 95%
3 months: 50%
6 months: 45%
12 months: 25%
20 months: 15%
2 years: 10%

Is this normal? She had serious health issues when born (two heart defects, heart failure, failure to thrive with weight, but these have all been resolved for over a year. She appears in good health, and she's gaining weight (her weight is the one thing that has been climbing, she is 25 months now and 24.5 lbs, so around 40% for weight. She is continuing to grow in height, but she's dropping all the time on the chart.

Her doctors have never really mentioned anything about it.
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The Doctors are the people to ask about this ..she is gaining weight so is doing okay from what you tell us you say she is still growing, sometimes they slow, then have a growth spurt. Perhaps a straight forward question to  the doctors  asking why its happening.may help your concern.good luck
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Has anyone had experience with this?
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